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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Tossing.  Tossing to celebrate every moment we have been through: happiness, temptations and tears.  All those are blessing from God.  Blessing is not only about happiness but every temptation and failure are God's blessing for a special purpose and for our goodness.  So here we are from two exactly different persons, came from thousands miles away and became an unity in God.  We both aren't perfect and God makes us perfect if we both will complete each other.
Letting God to locate in our center of marriage life isn't easy.  As a human being, we sometimes relay our minds and thoughts.  But we tried to learn step by step to follow Gods' foot prints with a lot of prayers and strength from HIM.
Now we are facing some temptations from my husband's job, health and other.  The most prayer is about my father who is till being hospitalized.  It has been more than a week and seems he has other side effect from medication: swelling on his feet and face.  We pray the doctors will soon get the next good treatments and God will give a good health and strength for my step mom who is taking care of him now.
Next prayer is about our planning to visit Indonesia soon.  May God give us good health and blessing so we are able to save more money to fly to Indonesia and bring our kids if they would like to visit too. 
Spending the good time with my family in Indonesia is our goal after more than 10 years we haven't seen them until my late brother passed away.  You even could not imagine how we felt and now we have to face other thing. 
Get better soon father!  Our tossing is for you too, for your healing so our little daughter can greet you again: "Hi grandpa!  How are you? . . . I miss you" and we all can hear your voice again. (*)
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What am I doing right now?
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My own schedule is messed up cause of the stress but other blessing is here. Thanks God for this balance.  One temptation comes, one other blessing comes.
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