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Monday, October 01, 2012

Slamatan Ala America

What does Slamatan mean?  According to Wikipedia, Slamatan  is the communal feast from Java, symbolizing the social unity of those participating in it. A slametan can be given to celebrate almost any occurrence, including birth, marriage, death, moving house, and so forth. Depending on the intention, the mood and emphasis may vary somewhat, but the main structure is the same. And Tumpeng is commonly the main menu in a Slamatan

Slamatan we did a year ago--around 2 months after son William had lungs transplant--was to celebrate our thanks to God for the new life He gave to our son, William.  He made all happen.  Since then, William has had a new life and he is able to eat like other normal person.  I was so happy to see him for the first time he ate so many foods.

These pictures below I found them yesterday in one of my many files.  They were taken at his appartement.  I had been looking for it so long after moving to a new house.  So, enjoy them and please, receive my thanks to all of you who have purchased any of my books/e-books, either in English or Indonesian version.  By purchasing them, you have supported the cystic fibrosis foundation to find the cure for many children who are suffering from this terrible disease. To those who haven't yet, if you're interested, you may visit Abbottsbooks and choose any book/e-book you're interested in.  Thank you for your support.

See you in the upcoming post in celebrating our 10th Anniversary! ***

With all my children and foods I cooked.
Foods, cake and fruits for Slamatan I prepared instead of Tumpeng.  

My first Tumpeng I made for a presentation at my husband class in 2007. 
He and his group got "A". 
Everybody was amazed and ate all foods without any leftover, even the lettuces (hahaha!).
My girls were enjoying their foods.

Son William whom we did Slamatan for.

All people who were in our Slamatan (of course + me).

My children were so happy, ready to eat all foods.

Sissy and Wanda

Children and Ruru

Happy children

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TheJessicat 6:37 AM  

What a lovely celebration!
The food looks good too :)

Fida Abbott 12:40 PM  

Hi Jessi,

Welcome to my personal blog.
Thank you for your visit and comment.

Salam kenal and happy blogging!


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