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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CELEBRATING OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY (Part 3): The Story Behind My Wedding Gown

Sonny Radji was a well known name as a batik oriental designer from my hometown, Surabaya, Indonesia.  In August 2002, my brother introduced me and my fiance (my husband now) to him since I told him I was going to bring a special oriental wedding gown to US but I wasn't ready yet and had no plan to pick/choose something. He then had initiative to bring us to Sonny's house/workshop and thought I might be interested to use him designing my wedding gown. At that time Sonny was my brother's client as he had own private business as a massage therapist.   

Sonny Radji presents Batik of Gong Xi Fat Cai, which was modelled in the Shrine Tjokro to welcome the upcoming 2562 Lunar New Year. Surabaya, Indonesia. 01/02/2011
With the helps of two women as his assistances, he finished designing and making it in 7 business days and done with all final touch, dry laundry and pressed totally in 10 days with a special price Rp1.200.000,- (one million two hundred thousand IDR). It was enough expensive at that time but not too expensive if he was the person who designed it as the first class designer in my hometown.  He confessed that it was the cheapest price of wedding gown he ever made in his entirely life as a designer but with high quality and standard for his fabulous work.

He told us they stayed till midnight and/or early in the morning to work for the details (beaded every single small item with their own hands).  Amazing work!  He used to finish a project like that at least 14 days but because we were going to fly to US in the next 12 days, so he had to finish it in 10 days and we had 1 day left to pack it together with other items.

Finally, it was ironic!  I even didn't wear my wedding gown when we married at that day, Oct 5, 2002. The reason was because my fiance told me we were going to marry at church too, so I decided not to wear it when we married and vowed at the backyard of our apartment.  One of friends suggested to wear it, but I preferred to wear my batik gown and my fiance did the same, too.

One year, two years, and so on, we haven't realized that plan and it became an old plan that seemed we were not going to make it.  Of course I was sad, very sad because I never had a chance to wear that wedding gown and married at church.  But I'm the kind of person that don't like to sink in the bad mood/sad all the time.  Then I had an idea, I would make a special moment to wear that wedding gown to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  So, it was the first time I worn my wedding gown!  It was very special that night although nobody came and being invited, just three of us (my husband, me, and our little daughter) and enjoyed our special night. We danced and took pictures, enjoyed the foods I cooked, and shared them in my facebook account and this blog to express my happiness by becoming a "new" bride and welcoming a "new" groom.  Yes, I think we remarried again, hehehe.....
The late of Sonny Radji.  This photo I found
at his wife's inactive facebook account

Other sad news was when I searched Sonny online at the night I took out my wedding gown from my suitcase, I found him at facebook and noticed it wasn't active anymore.  I was very curious and took a look for some pictures of him and found out he had passed away already. I felt my heart running fast and still wasn't sure if he passed away.  Then I searched via google and found some articles from national media mentioned Sonny Radji Passed Away because of heart complication on February 16, 2012--two days after my book Enthusiasm in Indonesian version released (Republika Online News).  Then I believed.
I hold my tears hardly so they would not toast on my checks.  When my husband came home, I told about that news.  We both were very sad.  We both hugged each other and let our tears running.  We both never had experience such like that--having deep feeling and felt he was one of the best persons we ever met.  He didn't treat us like usual customer but more than that.  We felt like we knew each other long time ago.  How do I mention the person who has personality like that?  My husband even could not give a special word for it.  He was too nice, too pleased, too friendly, too kind, too helpful, too---too--and other too(s).

So, here they are.  I attach some pictures and they become special memory for both of us. I hope it will still fit on me in the next many years.(*)   

My wedding gown probably contains thousands
of beads from neck till the bottom of the layer
(you can't see on the picture). 
They are shaped as vertical lines and all the edges
of the layer.
Batik Gusti Ayu Sonny Radji full with golden threads.

Beaded strapless
Me, with a smile wearing beaded strapless.

My handsome groom.

My groom was smiling.
Introdung a "new" married couple: Mr. and Mrs. Abbott.
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Mariuca 1:07 PM  

Hi Fida! You look gorgeous and I'm so glad you finally got to wear your wedding gown, for a very special 10-yr anni too, so it all worked out in the end! Congrats! :)

Fida Abbott 12:37 PM  

Hi Mariuca, Thank you. So glad to know you have a chance to visit this blog and read this post+see some pictures. I feel so bad, my brother didn't have a chance to see them as he passed away on Oct 18, 2012. I'm still in healing process from shock.

Much love from me.


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