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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

REVOLUTION: Relationship Between Authors and Readers

My first self-published novel,
Since Internet has boomed in 1999 in Indonesia--the first time I learned Internet after six years graduated from University.  Since then I thought it was so easy to reach something we never read or see before around the world--we just need one click.

This high technology tool has brought something different in the writing world.  We know about book on demand.  It means a book will be printed after someone did a purchase through online process.  This will happen when book is self-published.  Since then, the self-published author has boomed.  Some traditional publishers even change to become a company that gives a service for self-published authors or they will run both in the same time, as a traditional publisher and a company that gives the service for self-published authors.  Amazing how the Internet has changed many things.  

Published by a traditional publisher in Indonesian version
With the presence of self-published author, it contributes the change for the relationship between the authors as the writers and their readers.  In traditional publishers, they take full control for the readers and the authors don't know well their readers.  This view is so very different if we talk about self-published authors.  They know well their readers and can interact well with them in many ways, especially in online social media, their online websites or blog, even personal email.  So, no surprise if the self-published authors will greet their readers freely through online media, advance their networks, or even they can meet and do the work together.  The readers are the most potential asset for self- published authors since they have a main problem of the lack of marketing budget. 

Are you a self-pulished author?  You can meet me in my account at facebook and share about the experiences being the self-published authors in USA or other countries.  If you don't mind, you may also leave the message under this post.  I have so many experiences and love to share.(*)

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So glad to hear my father was reading my book, Antusiasme (Enthusiasm in Indonesian version).  I wonder what he will say after reading the whole chapters. 
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bluedreamer27 11:45 PM  

well, i'm really really happy for you my friend.. I wish all the best for you and congratulations for all your achievement

Fida Abbott 8:32 AM  

A very nice comment of the day.
Thank you, BD!!!

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