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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Three Months Old Baby Girl

Illustration photo: Baby Wanda 3 months old, Secane, PA, April 2004

My new baby girl has been 3 months old now since she was born on February 14, 2012.  She is beautiful and healthy.  Many Indonesians love and adore her.  As a mom, I'm so proud to have her, my little angle.  Since she was born, many Indonesians could not wait to see her.  They wanted to touch and hold her.  Even some of them sent their messages to express their feeling about her after they had a chance to see her.  They could not wait to see her talk and walk soon because they wanted to play with her.

My baby girl is my inspiration, and they said the same, too.  What a great gift from HIM.  My life is more worthy because of her presence.  Thank you God to give me a chance to have and take care of this baby.  I pray she will bring more inspiration and blessing to many Indonesians.  Amen.

I send my great thanks to:
1.  Ivo Christiana
She sent a message via facebook: "Tidak semua buku bisa membawa imajinasi pembaca sesuai maksud penulis. Bukunya miss Fida membawa imajinasi saya masuk. Jadi feelnya Miss Fida saat menulis itu bisa dirasakan juga. Pantaslah judulnya Anstusiasme. Karena Antusiasme yang betul akan menular, baik mendengar langsung atau membacanya. Great." (April 22, 2012)

2.  Sriyatun Untoro

She sent a message via facebook: "Hai mbak Fida, salam kenal. Saya Sriyatun. Saya ibu rumah tangga biasa, yang punya keinginan kuat menulis novel. Sebenarnya dari SMP saya ingin menekuni dunia menulis. Mungkin karena lingkungan kurang berpendidikan jadi terhambat. Terima kasih Anda telah memicu saya untuk paling tidak mewujudkan 1 novel.  Saya tadi ke tb Gramedia & mendapatkan novel Anda serta membelinya. Bersyukur & terharu, saya harus bisa mewujudkan mimpi saya! Terima kasih Mbak Fida, sukses &bahagia slalu . . . iya Mbak saya bersemangat lagi tuk mewujudkan mimpi saya yang lama yang tak serius dikerjakan. Terima kasih Mbak atas pencerahanya . . . dan saya memang gabung di ****, tapi tidak juga memompa semangat saya tuk nulis, tapi setelah mbaca tentang Mbak, saya langsung semangat & menggebu." (April 23, 2012)

3.  Komunitas Perempuan Membaca (KPM) and Radio SMART 88.9FM, Surabaya, Indonesia. 

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