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Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Good Friday and Easter

Dear family and friends,

Today I don't have many things to do except my routine activities and going to work. I have time to post here to say "Hi" and "Happy Good Friday" to everybody who is celebrating it.

Sunday will be great. My husband will join to go to Easter Sunday Service and I'm waiting if all children will join with us, too, then we are going to have Easter lunch together.

My little daughter has been off from school since yesterday till Monday. Yesterday she wanted me to bring her to local library and borrow 2 books along with a CD. We headed to Market Store near us to have very small shopping and enjoy a chicken roll and blueberry water ice. We had fun. I was little tired but happy to spend around 2 hours with her.

I have many pictures need to be downloaded when I have spare time. My days are full with the things I can't escape. My allergy keeps going, my right fingers are cramp, and I will see a new doctor on next Wednesday. There will be four things I would like to tell her. Nervous, little bit. I hope everything will be fine.

Btw, I'll soon post several news about "Antusiasme" ("Enthusiasm" in Indonesian version). And before I leave this post, I would love to share a poem in Indonesian that I just finished around 30 minutes ago to celebrate Good Friday and Easter.

Happy GOOD FRIDAY AND EASTER, everyone!!!

Memandang Salib

pagi merayap kalbu
embun bening berseteru
mentari tampak sayu
ayam berkokok pun bergalut gayu
alam seisinya diam
merenung berkias kelam
galau tak bertutur
hilang harap berlantur

dua kayu teronggok bersilang
siapa lihat tak berngiang
membawa harap tak berdendang
lenyap asa pandang siang

hati terisak tak tentu arah
hilang asa mati kata
mulut kelu berucap lirih
apa benar pandang merintih

dua kata bertabur maya
"hina-dina" terpampang nyata
aku ucap tanpa daya
mestinya aku terpampang di sana

Coatesville, April 6, 2012

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Getting ready for making lunch.

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Mariuca 1:12 AM  

Hey sweetie! Hope u had a good friday and have a great easter too, show me the kids' easter eggs if any! :)

Fida Abbott 10:48 AM  

Dear Mariuca, thank you. Sure, I'll post them here.

Have a great weekend.


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