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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Are You Ready for Valentines Day ?(Part III)

Did you ever hear the name THE RUFFLED RIBBON before? I did last year. I like that name and became interested since I knew the owner, Berlin Belle-LeVan, was the person who I just knew when I did my second book signing at Coatesville Area Public Library, August 21, 2010. Her husband, John LeVan, President of Board of Trustee, introduced her to me. Several months later she found me online and told that she had finished reading Enthusiasm and then she became one of the fans of it. What a big surprise!

If you wonder what she had written her thought about Enthusiasm, you can visit this link.

The Ruffled Ribbon is a new online "gift loft" where you can shop for great gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones, celebrating "useful gifts" or items that are not only attractive and appealing, but useful and practical.

As I visited its website, it became more interesting when I saw it had many kinds and various items, especially if we are interested in personalized gift items from baby gifts, youth till adult.  The website will
be updated with any gift items following what we are celebrating for: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.  We also can find many other special gift items in daily basis for different occasions: Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, etc.

As Valentines Day will be coming soon, she has updated the new gift items. You can see couple of examples here but for other detail gifts, you should visit its website.  Don't forget she also gives special coupons you can use during this month.
If you'd like to be the first to know when new products have been added to the Ruffled Ribbon or advanced notice of sales, you can join their newsletter by filling out the form in this link.

Knowing where the office location in Exton is not far from where I live, I really want to have a visit and meet her there, and I can also have a chance to see any interesting products she has.  Well, actually she lives not far from me.  She is my neighbor now, probably around couple blocks away from my house or we can meet each other in library, hehehe . . .

So what you're waiting for?  Visit The Ruffled Ribbon website, take a look and make any purchase online for your Valentines day gifts for your loved ones.

Any questions?
You can call 1-888-671-4461
or email to (office hours: Monday - Friday 9am-4pm EST)
or by mail to

The Ruffled Ribbon
256 Eagleview Boulevard
Suite 106
Exton, PA 19341

Let's celebrate Valentines Day with 
The Ruffled Ribbon!

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Mariuca 11:23 AM  

Hi dear! Hmmm which ec giveaway is this? I remember receiving credits for voting for u on Bluedreamer's site, is that the one? I think I replied there already... but if I have not, thanks again and yes, received those credits! Thanks for dropping by, hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 10:34 PM  

Hi Mariuca, thanks for your confirmation. I didn't get any messages so I think something didn't work in my account. The last message from you was about your info of other blogger. Well as long as you got the credits, that's fine.

Happy blogging!!

Hugs, too.


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