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Saturday, January 07, 2012


The picture was taken on April, 2010


I believe it is not too late to mention it. We've had no internet access since the end of November 2011 till now, including TV cable and home phone. We were in the process of moving to a new house. Step by step we moved our belongings ourselves every week or with a help of our neighbors every time we had a chance because we both had to work. Only Christmas we had a day off. The lucky thing, it only takes around 7-8 minutes to go to our new house from the old house.

Everybody likes the new house. It is smaller than the one we lived before but it's suitable for three persons to live in: my husband, my little daughter and myself. Everything is new except several doors and all the windows.

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with all our children. As we still don't have a couch in the living room, I bought a small area rug and everybody could sit on it and enjoy our Christmas morning: having breakfast, playing a new game, painting/drawing and opening the Christmas gifts.

Christmas morning, I became a Santa Clause, ha ha . . .

Christmas Breakfast

A problem appeared when I tried to bake something. The oven didn't work. The worst thing, it was around 2 weeks before Christmas. The result was I could not bake special food for Christmas, but the good thing was I cooked NASI SOTO AYAM instead of baking food and everybody loved it. That made me happy.  It was the first time we celebrated Christmas with an Indonesian food--yellow spicy (tasty) chicken soup served with rice (nasi) for our Christmas lunch.

Christmas lunch

My plate, Nasi Soto Ayam

The new stove came on January 2nd in the morning and it cheered me up--I could not wait to start baking again, trying several new recipes of my own and others.

With the old stove in the new kitchen

Other good news that cheered me up too, I got a news from Indonesian publisher. They are going to release my book in the end of this month if there are no other new changes. I'm so excited and cannot wait for the marketing manager contact me for the news of the marketing he will plan. This is a great and very special present for me in the beginning of this year. I thank God for this opportunity He has given and I hope this book will bring blessing for every reader in Indonesia.

Besides of that, I have gotten some questions when and what book I'm writing now. I have to be honest that I have been absent almost a year not to continue my script for the second novel because of getting a new full time job and finding a new house. Those gave me the hard time to find the time to write. It was so stressful but you may believe or not, I had been enjoying my hard time too much and I felt that was what a real life was about I had to thank for. That would make me alive and getting mature every time and every year. New cases are good for me for learning. One thing is the most important, I have seen how God walked with me in every step of my life and my family. He sent some angels to help us during the difficult time.  So this year, this new year I believe--as I always say to everybody-- new year is new hope, full of enthusiasm for my family and myself:

Bubby is doing fine now after getting lung transplant last June. He is planning to start his class again in Eastern University this month.

Sissy got a new job several days before Christmas after graduated from her college last May. I believe it was the greatest Christmas and New Year gift for her she ever got.

Mimi is still busy with her study in the college. She is going to transfer to the North Carolina University as she said to me. But I hope she will go to University of Pennsylvania to continue her study instead of NCU.

Little Mermaid is always busy with her drawing almost every day. We are so proud of her as her creations/arts had been chosen to attend in an art show last year and as one of the pictures of 2012 Coatesville School District calender. She said she wants to be an artist, art teacher, writer and illustrator.

My husband, I believe he is getting better and better in his health. I was happy he attended in Christmas Eve service after several years he was absent because of his work schedules.

Myself, I hope this year I commit to finish writing my script--either continuing the second novel or starting the next saga novel. I haven't made any decision yet. Other hope is Enthusiasm in Indonesian version will be received well in the heart of many Indonesians.

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Hotspot is working well now so I can write this post after many weeks absent.
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Ika Devita Susanti 3:39 AM wow, sister. Congratulations!!! I am so happy to hear the news. So you will be able to blog again. You have a nice new home. I like it. Especially when the sun shines through the windows. It's difficult to have such house here - you know it- so I envy you so much!

I am now cooking and baking and stitching (can you believe that?) and I am opening my online store which I will sell books, my handmade crafts, my handmade stitches (I hope), and anything about arts. I need your prayer, please :).

Ariel looks so happy and she reads very well! I hope you will have a great moments with your new house and a new stove, of course. Happy New Year!

Please send my hugs to Ariel, will you?:)

Fida Abbott 9:11 AM  

Hi Icha, thank you for your visit and response. HAPPY NEW YEAR too and I'm so proud of you by creating a new activity: YOUR OWN ONLINE STORE.

viviana 4:37 PM  

Hi Fida, I enjoyed your story. It was a nice home. The picture of your book and fox news, were you in fox news? Your little mermaid is so pretty and bubbly, she inherits your art skills. The Christmas lunch looked yummy. I enjoyed the video too. Glad that Bubby, Sissy and Mimi are doing great. Thanks for sharing your story.

Fida Abbott 10:29 PM  

Thank you, Vie. I'm glad you visited here and enjoyed it.
The picture of Fox News? I think you have left behind, hehe ...
Yes, she inherits me for that, also her dad, too.

Blue Jasmine 11:29 PM  

Selamat menempati rumah baru ya, Mbak!

Fida Abbott 3:57 PM  

Terima kasih, Rika.


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