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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are You Ready for Valentines Day? (Part II)

Dear my fellow readers,

If you read my last post, I'm sure you wonder what the second alternative I would like to recommend you for Valentines gift. This time is not for young adult or adult but for the kids. If you have children or nephews or nieces or any member of family/children under 10 years old you would love to give a gift for Valentines Day, please, check this children book below.

"Coki Periksa Lagi!" (Coki, Check Again!) is written by Yunita D. Harahap, a talented author special for children and teenager books.  This educated children book has been published last month, in December 2011 and can be found at Gramedia, Gunung Agung and all Christian book stores in Indonesia.  This is the third book after "Coki Bisa Apa?" (Coki What He Can Do?) and "Coki Mengambil Risiko" (Coki Took the Risk).  She also wrote an educated teenager book: "Maafkan Aku" (Forgive Me).

I had read two of them: "Coki Bisa Apa" and "Coki Mengambil Risiko" and "Maafkan Aku". My daughter got them (Coki) as Christmas presents in 2010 from her (and "Maafkan Aku" is a gift for me). As a result, I had to retell them in English so she could understand the stories were about. We both love the picture of Coki--a little pigeon--especially his cute face--with chubby cheeks, hehehe... The stories are interesting and very educated, easy to understand and the illustrations are beautiful.

The special thing about these books beside I mentioned above is the author now resides in US, the illustrator now resides in Australia after he finished his study in art design in US and the publisher is from Indonesia. It is intercontinental project.

As a children and teenager book author--as I know--she has read many books including novels, too.  One of them is "Enthusiasm".  She becomes fans of it after reading it and even has good friendship with its author.  You can read her comments about "Enthusiasm" in Indonesian here (click). 

And what about with my little daughter comments after having those two books? She said one day she would like to write a book like Coki. Hehehe . . . it is contagious, isn't it? But then what I see now she even writes many girly and mysterious stories, hahahaha!!! What an opposite--my cute little daughter!!!

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