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Monday, July 25, 2011

Learning To Have Faith from Seven Years Old Girl

Last Sunday I got a surprise from my daughter's Sunday School teacher, Sandy. She asked me if she had a brother who just got lung replacement. I wondered how she knew it. Then she told me when she asked the children if they had their own faith story, they should raise their hands. My daughter was the one of some children who raised their hands. She told about her brother who just got lung replacement and her visiting to Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania several weeks ago. She prayed and had faith that her brother would get better soon. Sandy was amazed that she knew what the faith was when she was still seven years old. And I'm as her mom, of course, I'm so proud of her and thank God that she grows well with her faith.

Sometimes we need to learn from a little child how we put our faith in God. It's not only from what we express through what we say in our prayer only but in our action, too.

Below I just want to share several pictures and videos when they both were having fun together last summer in the glades in MA; playing chest together and he taught her how to play guitar.

Yes, I also have faith that someday they both will have fun soon as they spent time last summer together. (*)

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Emily A. 10:57 AM  

Ibu, this is absolutely beautiful, you have done an amazing job teaching ariel about faith and God. I am so proud that my sister is able to make those types of connections at such a young age. I hope to see you all soon. give ariel and dad my love. love you

Emily 11:01 AM  

Ibu, this is beautiful and i am so proud that my little sister knows so much about faith and God at such a young age. You are an amazing mother. love you, and give my love to daddy and ariel.
hope to see you soon

Fida Abbott 10:55 PM  

Em, thank you.
We miss you.
I'm glad you're one of her sisters who love her so much. It contributes a lot in shaping her inner beauty.



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