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Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faces obstacles, how she handles life, how she inspires others, how she touches other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

NEW YEAR REFLECTION (10): Celebrate Your Victory!

After long and hard work to pursue our goal or reach one step of our goals at the time, we deserve to celebrate it. Celebration doesn't mean we have to spend a lot of money for foods, drinks, etc but even with a small tea party with our team/friends/family is a great way to celebrate. We celebrate it because we respect our hard work we have done and as a reflection of grateful feeling we give to ourselves, to our team/friends/family who have worked together or supported us, especially if we believe that every step we reach, it's because of God's help.

Today I celebrate ONE YEAR of ENTHUSIASM!!! One year journey of Enthusiasm!!! No special food, no special wine and no special guest I invite. But this post is as a SPECIAL CELEBRATION of it so I might write little bit longer than I used to.

(Thank you to for designing this wonderful picture)

Today I feel grateful because I believe everything might happen because of God's purpose that I still don't know what exactly of the end. But since I looked back again when the first time I had desire to write this novel till publication and marketing process, I had seen and felt God's companion. Although Enthusiasm isn't a best seller of self-published book but as a winning book is a marvelous! A marvelous book doesn't have to be a best seller but more than that, it will show how a book itself has a power to influence its readers. That is the most important, then to be a best seller will be a great bonus to increase more its value and esteem!

In this special day, I would like to thank everybody/every reader who has given great interest to read ENTHUSIASM!!! Enthusiasm has been so wonderful and influenced positively almost its readers. I have gotten so many praises from them that Enthusiasm has opened their mind, given inspiration and motivation to reach more their dreams. Since then, I think I knew why HE wanted me to write this novel, even when I got pro and contra from some reviewers who said this book is kind of a memoir book or something like that. They are right, but I reserve it in the novel style and follow the novel writing rules. Whatever they mention, I still call Enthusiasm is as a novel (non fiction literary--I pick these words myself so please, don't judge me, he he . . .) and that was why Enthusiasm deserves a winning book in category of Novel although we know the definition of a Novel is a fiction literary but I'm its author, I could write its style whatever I wanted to. Well . . . so I used to mention a special genre of this book is as an Inspirational Novel (because it has inspired many readers, he he . . .). Am I wrong? Well, if I'm wrong, then you may mention it as an Inspirational Book (ha ha ha!!!)

Although it has aged one year already, Enthusiasm still has long journey. I'm excited waiting for publication in Indonesia. How Indonesia readers will respond it, what kind of marketing the publisher will use, how many books will be sold, etc, etc. Whatever they will be, I hope the publisher will do the best as they can. I'm here and would be ready for any interview if possibly taken, by radio, television, talk show, seminar using long distance online communication tool. If you are from an art or a writing organization/foundation/forum, etc, and would be interested to host an event, be free to contact me at anytime you want or contact my publisher (it will be announced when it's published).

(Note for 2 pictures above: Enthusiasm attended in a School Reunion event and was given to school library, SMPN 7 Surabaya, Indonesia, a Junior High school I went)

Other things that aren't less interesting are the reviews I got during post publication (after Feb 24, 2010). Although it has been published, Enthusiasm still got many great reviews from writing workshop members. I'll copy and paste some of them as the expression of its ONE YEAR celebration!!! (and of course I don't write them all completely because they are long-long reviews)

July 3, Preface: perfect! . . . This is a wonderful story and I will enjoy reading it and be honored if you would like my review. (Preface and Chapter 1)

July 7, Again - this is a very nice story and I'm enjoying the positive energy about the family . . . Also you are excellent at creating dialogue. Something I very much envy. (Chapter 2)

July 22, This is so enjoyable to read! I love how you write with so much dialogue. It feels very real. I have difficulty using dialogue in my writing, so reading yours is very helpful! (Chapter 3)

July 24, I'm back for more . . . enjoying your story very much. I have to say, this content is great, but last chapter's writing seemed better/easier to understand. I hope you are ok with this comment. The story itself is very enjoyable! Keep up your good work! (Chapter 4)

August 17, The structure of the paragraphs and descriptions is very good! Easier to follow for me . . . Love Van Morrison too! (Chapter 5)

January 7, Good work! I enjoyed this short story of non-fiction (in which I don't read much of). I thought that your character (Ibu?) was quite cute and very realistic. Are you really that way? Anyway the characters were good, and the story was well detailed. Of course this was only one chapter of seven that I got to read, but I think that you deserved the five stars for it being "well crafted". (Chapter 7)

And several days ago I got a message from a reader in Indonesia who won my book in a writing contest hosted by When she had been enjoying reading my book, and then had to go to other city for other business for several weeks, she forgot to bring my book that was on her bed so she asked other family member to send it via mail. I think this is a cute real story and more than that I appreciate for any interest she has given. Thank you, Nina!!! (*)

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bluedreamer27 11:14 AM  

wow... i am so happy for you my friend
Happy anniversary for your novel and i wish many years of success to come...

you are such a great writer and you inspired us through your work...


Fida Abbott 2:24 PM  

BD, thank you, so much.
I'm so glad you are one of Enthusiasm readers.

Happy blogging!

Mariuca 3:37 PM  

I am so happy to see Enthusiasm has influenced ur readers in a positive way sweetie, congrats! :)

Mariuca 3:37 PM  

Hola Fida! I am happy to present the Stylish Blogger Award to you and your blog, congrats and hugs!

Fida Abbott 4:02 PM  

Hello Mariuca,

Thank you for the award. It will be on here next month.

And thank you for your support to make Enthusiasm brighter.

Happy blogging!


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