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Thursday, January 27, 2011

NEW YEAR REFLECTION (6): Give Appreciation

In pursuing our goal in life, we aren't deny that every success we reach may happen because of the support that come from our family and friends. Giving appreciation, even it is just to say "Thank you" to them is very important. We should not just receive but we should give, too. Express our thanks through our writing, card, etc. It doesn't just give them feel appreciated but will give us a new energy: we're aware that we aren't alone but we have family and friends who are with us, who give us postitive support. This will give us a good spirit to keep us in fire in pursuing our goal. So, don't wait too long! Take your pen, write something nice to them on a card or turn on your computer and send a nice e-card to them.

In this special moment, I would like to give special "Thank you" note to all my family members and friends who have supported me and made "Enthusiasm" become brighter and brighter; to all readers who are so loyal to visit this blog and read every post I send; to all family members and friends who make my life so alive.

Thank you for my 54th Award

The Award "Beautiful Inside and Out . . ." is my 54th award that I got from a friend in Malaysia several days ago. Thank you for this wonderful appreciation. Even I never meet her in person but I'm sure she knows me well through reading my book "Enthusiasm". Thank you so much, Viviana.

As a person who gets that award, I have to forward it to other women. I have so many persons (female) that have been so kind and good inside and outside and it's impossible for me to mention them one by one but I will try to make a short representative to pick one of every category. Below is a short list of the (female) persons whom my great appreciation goes to:

1. Ruth Abbott: She is a woman who has big heart, especially in taking care of our son who has Cystic Fibrosis. I'm very impressed with her great effort. I wish I can help her more than just praying. But I'm sure God knows my heart as He said if we have even a small faith as if a lettuce seed, we are able to move a mountain. It means, there is nothing impossible for Him to do something that we think it is impossible.

2. Sissy and Mimi: My big daughters who are always in silent but they see, hear and act what they need to do. Thank you for your support.

3. Little Mermaid: My little daughter who always makes my heart happy and proud to be her mom.

4. Viviana Widjaja: She is the first person (who I never meet her in person) who gave interest to read my published book "Enthusiasm"; and support to spread Enthusiasm through the cyber world. Thank you, Viviana.

5. Sherrell Prefontaine: I also never meet her in person. We met each other through an online writing community. I read and reviewed her work that now has been published already: God's Army. It is a great book so that was why I was so interested to read and did reviews for its whole chapters. I never thought before that I would meet a such wonderful person through an online writing community and I feel blessed to know her. And this morning I got her recommendation she has written at Linkedln:
"Just like the title of Fida's excellent novel, "Enthusiasm," she is truly enthusiastic. Her writing is true to life and engaging. I met Fida on a writing sight and have come to know her from internet connections. It is evident that she has a genuinely beautiful spirit and that is what you gain by reading her work. She inspires people and inspired me. I'm thankful and blessed to know her and have experienced her talent!"

Thank you, Sherrell.

6. Ani Pratamawati: She is one of my best friends. She filled my days when I needed someone to talk to when I was still in my country. It wasn't only her I had a good friendship but also with her family members: her mom and her two sisters. My brother had trust to her, too. I still remembered; one day he was so mad to a family member and he went to meet her just for a talk to express his feeling and that made him feel better. Thank you, Ani.

7. Heni Kurniawati: She is one of my partners to do my online work/project who I never meet in person. She is a very talented person in writing, a hard work person and knows the rules how to work properly and I'm so grateful and blessed to have her in my team. Thank you, Heni.

8. Yunita Phillips: I just met her online last year but she would bring Enthusiasm come to alive for Indonesians next several months. She is a talented children writer who has published several children books with a great character named: Coki, a little Dove. Little mermaid and I love Coki so much. She got two books of Coki as her second Christmas gift from (Tante) Yunita. Coki is a very kind little Dove and has chubby cheeks and those cheeks make him look so cute. Thank you for your interest and great support, Yunita. You have made Enthusiasm's dream come true.

9. Mariuca: Although she is just an online friend, a blogger friend but I have seen her support since we met in the bloggosphere several years ago. Her support is never die and till now she still keeps me as one of her precious blogger friends. Thank you, Mariuca.

10. All the female fans of The Enthusiasm's Saga Page. Thank you. You all have shown your support by "liking" it. Thank you so much.


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viviana 7:10 PM  

Sometimes when our life is too busy. We need to stop, say hi and something nice to people. True, it makes us feel better too. Thank you for posting it to your blog. You go extra miles, Fida!

bluedreamer27 9:44 AM  

oh you really deserve this award Fida congrats

Fida Abbott 5:41 PM  

Do I? ha ha . . . I really feel good to give something special to express my thanks to them.

Happy blogging, Vi.

Fida Abbott 5:42 PM  

BD, thank you for your attention and support.

Happy blogging.

Mariuca 1:59 PM  

Wow I loooooooove this award Fida, thank you so much sweetie! Thank you for being a wonderful kind friend to me too, you are my long-distance blog sister, hugs!!! :):):)

Fida Abbott 2:31 PM  

Glad to know you like it, Mariuca.
What a sweet compliment and confession: you give me a new status: Long-distance blog sister!
Thank you so much. I'm honored to get it.

Heni 7:37 AM  

Hi Mbk Fida,

I'm flattered by your compliment. This is really an "award" for me. The fact is that you and HOKI always give me "Chances" and ensure me that I can do something. You make me believe that I have something great in writing that I'm still learning on. Thanks for making me "enthusiastic" and motivated.


Fida Abbott 10:11 AM  

You're welcome, Mbak Heni

Keep your enthusiastic and motivated spirit!


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