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Friday, January 07, 2011

NEW YEAR REFLECTION (1): How To Believe In Yourself

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
This is my first post in 2011. I have been reading many articles about new year resolutions. Do you have your new year resolution? Do you think you are able to realize it?

We all already know that making a new resoliton is easier than we realize it. One of the reasons is we don't have belief in ourselves.

How many of us who don't have belief in ourselves???

I'm a kind of person who believe in myself and have experienced it many times in my life. Believing in myself gives me a hope and acts to pursue what I've believed in. You know what happens next? A MIRACLE!!!

First of all, we should have convidence in ourselves, think positively, forget our (bad) past, expand our gifts/talents, build friendship with good and supported people, and this is what almost people forget that we should walk with God, let Him guide our life and be happy and thankful for what we have now.

I think this video below is good for you to get inspired and don't forget: BELIEVE IN YOURSLEF!!!


What am I doing right now?
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bluedreamer27 1:56 PM  

Happy New Year Fida...
i agree with you.. believing in our selves is like adding more confidence too! This will definitely motivates and keep you going despite of many trials that may come your way

may you receive more blessings this year my friend

by the way about the card... i haven't receive it yet
thank you again

Fida Abbott 2:06 PM  

Hi BD, I'm glad you keep getting motivated. Happy New Year, too.

If you don't get my card till the end of January, please let me know. I'm going to send it one more time in February. I'm worried if it gets lost or is late because of the busy line of holidays activities.


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