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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures

Sad, I'm sad I have lost many pictures from my digital camera. The pictures I took were since last month when I accompanied my daughter in her school field trip until Thanksgiving. I had lost my pictures of my foods that I took for my projects, too. I predict a half of Thanksgiving pictures were deleted by accidents I even didn't realize it. Next time I should be very careful in treating the buttons. Several pictures I would like to show you are when I gave the autograph for my book in Indonesian and English that my brother in law, Christ, asked, and a picture of him with my book. Well, I think one day when I meet him, I will take some.

Below I attach them in a slideshow. The foods were so delicious, made by Tonny, my brother in law and his wife, Carole. Nothing left on my plate so I could not add more for many kinds of delicious and yummy desserts although I would like to taste them one by one--little bit. My head was also dizzy after drinking a half of glass of white wine. It took two days for my head feeling normal again. It was good for me since I had cough and my body needed a lot of rest.

OK, guys. I should get ready for work now. Enjoy this slideshow and have a nice weekend.


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