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Thursday, December 23, 2010

REFLECTION (4): Two Days Before Christmas

Celebrating Four Years of My Car Accident
Today, December 23, I celebrated the 4th year of my big car accident by posting the pictures of my damage cars below as a reminder for all drivers of any kinds of vehicle they're driving.

Photographs by Grand Sport Auto Body

This is a link if you would like to read its story in English and this is a link if you would like to read it in Indonesian as I wrote an article at KabarIndonesia entitled "Sabuk Pengamanku" (My Safety Belt).

Four years ago I had a car accident. A big trailer truck hit my left car when I turned right in the green light. I just finished turning and would like to straight my car and suddenly "brakkk!!" I had no idea where that truck was coming from because when I did turning, I didn't see any vehicle on other left side and also it was red light for that line. I didn't want to retell again that story but I just would like to remember something that I need to share here.

When I got the report paper from the Police Officer, it didn't mention the truth. They said that after the accident, I didn't know anything (the statement from the Police Officer) and I was driving in other line (the statement from the truck driver).

As the route 30 I went through has speed limit 55 miles/hour. And I knew that truck drove over that limit and went through the red light. I was sure because it was too fast, he could not control his stirring wheels. You can see that damage!!! Even the stupid person would know that damage could not happen for the vehicle that run under 55 miles/hour. My car spinned many times so fast and finally hit the right curb. Thanks God, there wasn't any other vehicle behind me. I could not imagine if its condition was opposite. The police officer was a woman and she just came to me asking my driver license without asking anything.

You can imagine how I felt at that time when reading that report. My body at that time still had many brushes and my head still felt something--not right. Imagining my condition after that accident, in three days I was in pain badly, my head was so heavy and I could not sit or stand directly because it made me dizzy or something I could not describe. I thanked to my car insurance who had responsible for all medical expenses, even gave some money and we used it for buying other second hand car.

My husband and I went to a lawyer but we had to close my case two years later because of some reasons: I didn't show any problem as the result of that accident after two years of that accident, there was no evidence when it was happened, the report put me in the wrong place that mentioned I was driving in the wrong line and I didn't know anything after that accident-- which they weren't true.

When reading that report I really wanted to scream and meet them both--the police officer and the truck driver. I wanted to hear from them why they lied. I wanted to cry but I could not. My heart was really hurt. But something I had to learn at that time, I should forgive them. It wasn't easy for me but I had learned and I could. That made me happier because I was sure God would bless me abundantly by giving them forgiveness. And when I was feeling that, I was sure they both had gotten what they had done to me. God is fair!! I believe that!!

That car accident four years ago was my Christmas present--I thought. I thanked God for that so I would be more carefully when driving everywhere. I thanked God, He had saved me. I thanked God I was still alive and be with my family, especially for my little daughter who still needed me. I thanked God, I got the good service from my car insurance. I thanked God I got other car--bigger car than before. I thanked God I didn't lie. I thanked God I could forgive them.

And also I've learned two things from that accident:

1. What do I thank for in Christmas this year??? Have I prayed to the people who have sent the Christmas card/Christmas wishes to me?? . . .

2. If any of us still have hurt feeling to other family members, friends, coworkers, etc, would we forgive them??? If it seems so hard for us doing it, ask HIM to help us in doing it. He will make us able to do it--and we can celebrate Christmas this year with full of PEACE and JOY. Amen.(*)


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Merry Christmas Fida...

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