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Designed to fire up your interest, Enthusiasm is a fascinating and hopeful novel based on the author’s own true story. In this exceptional masterpiece, Abbott narrates the journey of her life and shares how enthusiasm plays a vital role in pursuing her dream in the writing world—with English as her second language—in her new country.

Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faces obstacles, how she handles life, how she inspires others, how she touches other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

Through Enthusiasm: A Novel Based on the Author's Own True Story, you will be affected by the author’s wonderful story. Filled with hope and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm, this book will draw out the best within your heart and mind.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010


Enthusiasm has the youngest fan. She was more excited than me everytime I had a booksigning event. Even before I prepared everything, she had already prepared first by drawing the sign and small flyers. I still remembered the first time she wrote something for me on the regular paper and wasn't satisfied yet so she made another. She asked me the highlighter and her own small scissor. Then she came back around fifteen minutes later bringing small pieces of cut papers that had been marked with the highlighter. I read each of them: Buy My Mom's Book. What a surprise!!! It touched my heart. I hugged her and was so impressed with what she had done. With big hug I gave her, I said, "Thanks, honey. You're so sweet and so creative."

It wasn't only that. She kept asking me, "Where is my book." She wanted one of mine and I replied that she would get it one day. She also asked when the next my book signing will be. After she got my answer, she told that news to her teacher and friends in her class. See, that's the little kid. She could not hide something that made her excited.

In this post I attach several pictures of her holding my book proudly. One day when she is able to read perfectly and mature enough, I will let her read. She would be so proud of herself that she is one of the characters I've written in my story. I wonder what she would say.

At this time, I'm bringing her to love reading books. She has shown much improvement in her reading skill and I'm so proud of her. She likes drawing and making story with her drawing. I saw this talent since she was two years old. She liked playing with her toys and spoke in her own language and made story with them. Since she has been able to handle the pen, pencil and crayon properly, she started making story with her drawings when she was three years old.

Her Pre-K teacher loved her. She said she was different than other kids in her class. And when she was in Kindergarten class, her teacher said that she was a such good artist and would be an author like her mom. Now she is in the first grade class. Last month I attended a teacher-parents conference and her teacher confessed that she was the best artist in the class. What so proud become her mom hearing that good statement.

Well, talking about the reading skill for the kids, this afternoon I found a good source: Story Time For Me. I will let her try to enjoy reading two free multimedia books during the holiday season this month. You also can make the same like me by clicking this picture below and register as a member, and you will enjoy two free multimedia books and can earn more free books or even buy more books. Check it out and try! You and your kids will love it!


What am I doing now?
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Getting full rest before starting long work on Monday.

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bluedreamer27 9:44 PM  

oh how could i not forget Wanda... she's the one that made your book more colorful

bluedreamer27 9:44 PM  

have a great day Fida and happy blogging

Fida Abbott 10:10 AM  

Yes, she does.
Thank you BD for your interest of my book. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and shared it via your blog.

Happy blogging, too.

Dhemz 1:41 AM  

awwwwww...what a cutie! how are you doing looks like you are doing successful with your book...:) how are you doing? how's your pregnancy?

Fida Abbott 10:03 AM  

Hi Dhemz,

Uups, I think you missed my news. An Indonesian publisher bought my book right and they will publish it next year. About my pregnancy. I lost my baby. Everything is fine with me and my husband. Thank you for your asking. I hope you will love your new place and new home.

Merry Chirstmas!!


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