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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Resting Time

Hello Guys,

It has been more than a week I didn't blog here. If I may say, I had had little bit resting time in my mind although I still kept doing my online activities and kept translating several chapters.

If the next several weeks I seem not too active in blogging, it will be because I have to finish my translating soon and get ready to edit all my chapters. At the same time, I have to prepare for online writing course that will be held next year. It seems I will be busier during the end of this year but I'm happy because my book in Indonesian version will be available soon in Indonesia next year. There is a huge celebration I may confess if this book will present and be welcomed by many Indonesians there.

One thing in my mind during my resting time was about the Merapi Eruption news. I'm sad everytime hearing the bad news from Indonesia, almost every month/several months there is always something happen. Some friends at work asked me about my family. I said that all my family in Java were fine. They live far away from Merapi's location. But still, I'm so sad seeing the pictures and news about the people who have lost their homes, family, friends, etc.

I have searched from the Reuters News besides reading from KabarIndonesia about that news and took some pictures and paste them here. If you would like to read more news about Merapi Eruption, you can read it here and if you would like to watch a short video news, you can visit here. (*)


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Translating chapter 20.

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