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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NOVEL ENTHUSIASM: First Buyer and First Reader

What a great thing to be an author, especially if you're a fresh new author? As I am as a fresh new author, the great thing is if I have enthusiastic readers who are eagerly wanting to read my book.

Both pictures above were sent last weekend by Henny from Jakarta, Indonesia. She was an ex-student of the online writing course I managed in the early months of this year. When I announced my published book to the students and gave them motivation via weekly e-newsletter, several days later I got a surprised email from her; informing that she got my book in e-book version bought via Xlibris and began to read it. I could read how excited she was via her email. She read everytime she had a chance in her morning/afternoon/evening tea at her house. But because of her busy work schedule--she used to travel everywhere as a government staff and dealing with many important education rules in Indonesia, she wasn't able to continue reading my book in several months.

Last week she kept her promise by sending me her pictures after long visit to Africa, and after that she had a duty to rearrange the rules of Indonesian Scouts and would be tested in public, then it would be brought to the nation conference in the near future before government gives the agreement for the new Scouts Rules that would be applied soon in Indonesia. She said her tight schedules will end in this month and hopefully she will be able to continue reading my book.

Although she has read until chapter 13, she has had a thought for my book. Below I attach what she has sent to me via email in Indonesian:

" . . . dari bab 1 sampai bab 13 saya melihat ada pesan yg ingin disampaikan oleh penulis kepada pembacanya, yaitu pesistensi (persistent) yang didasari oleh rasa antusias, maka apapun pekerjaan atau mimpi yg paling mustahil pun akan dapat dicapai."

It means: my story describes that persistence based on enthusiasm will make every effort or dream reached although we think it is impossible.

Thank you, Henny for your nice pictures. I have saved them in my special file and will appear in my Enthusiasm photo collage.

And this post is written special for her who is celebrating her Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Henny!! May God bless you in everything you do. Amen.

If you would like to purchase Enthusiasm in e-book format, you can get it through Xlibris (e-Pub), Amazon (Kindle), BN (Nook) and Reader Store (Sony). Amazon has a great news. If you don't have Kindle, you can download FREE Kindle Reading Application for your PC, iPhone, Mac, BlackBerry, iPad and Android. Visit this link for detail info.

Happy Reading!!!


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Henny Listyowati 12:13 PM  

Halo mbak Fida,

This is so sweet! I'm suprise! It be honour for me...

Thank you my dear friend...

Fida Abbott 12:14 PM  

I'm glad you like it.


Henny Listyowati 12:32 PM  

Have a nice drive yaaa...!

you are an expert for surprising maker..hehehe

Fida Abbott 12:51 PM  

Ha, ha ...I got you!!!

viviana 8:48 PM  

wow..nice picture. Henny is the right ambassador for Enthusiasm book.

Fida Abbott 9:05 AM  

Mbak Henny dapat status baru dari Viviana.
Selamat ya Mbak!!!

Introducing An Enthusiasm Book Ambassador: Henny Listiyowati!!!

(Keren bok kedengarannya, he, he...)

Viviana, thanks anyway. This is fun!

Mariuca 12:07 PM  

Happy Birthday Henny! :)

Mariuca 12:08 PM  

Good to know your words and your book inspired your reader to such great heights, you did a wonderful job Fida! Have a great weekend! :D

Fida Abbott 12:42 PM  

Hello Mariuca, thank you for your appreciation.

Have a great weekend, too.

Henny Listyowati 1:25 PM  

@Viviana: Helo, nice to know you in Fida's ambassador? I don't think so..cause i didn't finished yet to read that book. But, i'm flattered...thank you Viviana...

@Mariuca: Thank you..nice to know you..No! Mariuca, i'm just as a staff at the goverment office...

@Fida: speechless...

bluedreamer27 2:06 PM  

wow... it is so nice to meet her...
happy blogging!!

Fida Abbott 2:33 AM  

Thanks BD for your visit and comment.

Happy blogging, too.


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