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Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOVEL ENTHUSIASM: The Recent News about the National Morning Talk Show

Two next days will be my 3rd book signing that will be held at Parkesburg Free Library at 10.30 AM-1.30 PM. For more details about this event, please, visit

If you read my last post before this post (2 days ago), I'm sure you don't want to miss the news I'm going to share here.

Yesterday when I was planning to call Special Guest Coordinator (Lifetime Television Show), he called me first. So that was the 2nd call from him. We had very nice and long talk. He asked me about my book and I explained it to him enthusiastically. He was very glad finding the right book for his show and he loved the title, Enthusiasm, especially the message I'm going to tell to the audience. I was glad hearing how enthusiastic he was about my book. Then he explained detail about the show that was more educational than commercial. That was good and I was glad to hear that. If we both dealed with everything, the show would be on at least in December 2010. They need to prepare at least 2 months for a talk show. Also the host needs to read my book, too. But it was sad, I had to cancel for that time for the show because I had to put some fee first--before they processed my show--that was not in small amount. Even I had to pay for my own transportation and my own accomodation. Well, the amount he mentioned was a big amount for me, probably not for the best selling author or the author who has a lot of money for their book marketing budget.

Then I thought in different way. How about if I'm as Stephanie Meyer or J.K. Rowling? Do they still ask about the fee and the author should responsible to pay for her transportation and acomodation? I don't think so. Or probably they would not be interested to appear on their show because they have been famous already. That means they have to find big sponsors to support the cost in inviting them. Well, I'm a self-published author that is impossible to be a best selling author and I tried to explain to him and he understood.

I even asked him how his team could find about my book. He said they were searching the books that have gotten book awards and found mine. They thought my book would be fit for their show. That info blew fresh air in my mind and heart. That is enough to me to know that my book is capable for the National morning talk show, although I still can not make it right now.

With the cost more than 40 thousands dollars per show from hundreds of sponsors they have now, and still ask the fee from their special guest, like me? I think I'm not a special guest anymore, ha, ha, . . . But I can understand, that is a business. What the things don't make any money in this country? Anything, if you're smart in creating it and see there is a chance to make it happen.
How smart they are in making more money/benefits for their company? Well, it would be great investment for a new author--I think, especially this is a National Television Show. I believe the amount he mentioned is worthy for a new author. But I don't want to force myself. I believe there is still more chances and other ways. I just need to keep my strong faith and HE would pick the right one for me. If HE has let me begin this journey, HE will give the best for me, even it is small. We don't need the great things to be a great blessing. HE will use anyone of us if we're ready and say "yes" for HIS Plan.

Well, anyway . . . who wants to be the sponsors for me for this show?? If the sponsor comes from airplane company, they can give sponsor by giving me at least a ticket to fly to Florida. If the sponsor comes from the Hotel company, they should give me at least a night to stay in Florida and has to be close with the Lifetime TV Studio. And any companies who would like to support for the fee, they can advertise about their companies in my blogs. If you think this is a great idea and you're interested to be my sponsor, be free to send me a message and we can have more discussion via email and phone. You can reach me by clicking "contact' at a link bar on the top of this blog, or go to and fill out the online contact form, or you may reach me via Facebook.

If I won't make it next year, it would be fine. The most important now, I have to finish my translating soon and wish my novel publication in Indonesia next year will get very good response from the public in my own country and many readers will get motivated and inspired by my own story. That is important for right now.


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Several things have to be done before weekend. So busy but I enjoy doing my activities.

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damienabe 12:18 PM  

hay Fida Abbott. how are you? long time no talk. sudah lama banget nih nggak mampir ke Blog ini. maklum saya jarang online nih. hehe...

thanx for the bday wish.

Fida Abbott 12:46 PM  

Hi Damien,

A surprise visit. Welcome again to my blog and enjoy to explore here.


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