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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ten Practical Ways to Increase Your Abundance (8)

Hello Guys,

I had been away for a week and didn't have internet connection during my vacation in Massachusetts. Although I arrived on Wednesday night, this morning I felt fresh in my mind to start my daily activities.

I'm so excited that I have finished writing my second cookbook before I left for vacation and today I am going to edit the whole chapters so next week I'm ready for the next project that I'm going to tell you later.

When I have more time, I will upload my pictures during my vacation, make a nice photo slideshow and post it here. Now I would love to continue about the 8th of Practical Ways to Increase Your Abundance, presentated by Dr. Robert Holden from O Magazine.

FORGIVENESS: I Don't Carry Grievances

Grievances often seem justified at the time, but ultimately they cost too much: They are not worth the upkeep, and they cannot give you want you really want.

The first step in moving beyond grievances is to realize that a grievance is not a solution. It offers nothing of value to you. A grievance keeps you stuck in the past, and until you let go of the grievance, you will keep giving away your future to the past. The good news is that your whole life shifts whenever you give up a grievance. As soon as you let go of a grievance, you move into the present, your life begins to flow again, you are more open, you attract new possibilities and a new story unfolds.

Exercise: Make this your affirmation today: "Forgiveness offers everything I want." One of my favorite lessons in A Course in Miracles begins: "Do you want peace? Forgiveness offers it. Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world? Do you want care and safety, and the warmth of sure protection always? Do you want quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that never can be hurt, a deep, abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be upset? ... All this forgiveness offers you, and more." (*)


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I'm going to edit the whole chapters of my 2nd cookbook.

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