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Monday, June 28, 2010

Reunion Photos & Other Interesting News

Last night I had prepared what I was going to do for this morning fulfilling my progress but it was interrupted by many exciting emails and photos from friends in Indonesia. Yesterday at the same day, there were two reunions which were being held by friends in Junior High School and University (Agriculture Faculty).

I almost had tears in my eyes seeing the pictures. It was really emotional morning and brought me when I was being with them. I wished I would be in those events.

By the way, although I was so in my emotional feeling, this morning I got two interesting news about my books. First news came from Hollywood Book Festival, confirming me that they have received my book already and offering me for detail critique of my work. I'm interested to take that offer to advance my writing skill. They also asked me preparing a trip to attend their annual awards ceremony at Roosevelt Hotel, a home of the first Academy Awards celebration. I would be so excited--of course if I would win as a grand prize winner or at least my book would be chosen as their finalists.

Another news came from my new friend in Indonesia who works at a publishing company. She and her boss have discussed about my book and interested to publish my book in Indonesia. WOW!!! I asked her to send a proposal before I make a decision.

I would keep updating those news here so please, keep coming and reading my upcoming news here.

In the end of my short post this morning, I attach some reunion pictures I got from my friends via FB.

Enjoy them and have a great day!

My profile and my front book cover were being featured on the huge slide. Thanks, friends for this chance. It gave me tears when seeing this--really.

My book was being given to school and/or a door prize winner. (I'm still waiting their news what this teacher/ friend's name is)

They are my teachers. They looked very old now. Imagine 25 years ago they were teaching us. Seeing their faces on this photo, I think I'm not able to recognize them.

Look, how wild they were!!! (he, he ...) Probably they forgot they have been in 40's already, ha, ha...!!!! I'm so proud of their hard work to make this event so memorable and fun. Some friends came from another Asian country--Ruy from Thailand--and another Indonesia island--Ani, one of my best friends from Lombok island.

I'm amazed how hard they worked. A picture above, it shows us when they were working behind the stage. On the left picture, it shows us when they were preparing at the entrance door.

Thank you to all my friends who had made this event come true. BRAVO!!!

And this is the last photo from my Agriculture Faculty. Several of them were the members of a group where I used to join in their many activities. I miss them a lot. We had a lot of fun at that time when spending the time in our Agronomy class.


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Mariuca 10:49 AM  

Hi Fida, so nice of ur friend to send some pics for u to see, don't be too sad and I'm sure u will meet up again, soon. Hugs! :D

Fida Abbott 11:26 AM  

Yes, Mariuca. I imagine meeting them again one day soon. I will be very excited to see them.

Thank you for your warm message.


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