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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weekend Thought

Good morning guys,

It is eight minutes after seven in the morning when I am starting to write this post just want to share an interesting video titled Bigger Diamond or bigger self-worth? Which would you choose? It's hosted by Brave Heart Women that I've joined two weeks ago. If you're interested with this topic, please watch and listen to this video below:

If that question is given to me, I would like to answer that bigger diamond is nothing but worth diamond is something. It means if someone who loves you give a big (size) of 2 Q diamond or a small (size) of 5 Q diamond, which one I choose? Well, worth diamond is about something special from someone, either it is 2 Q or 5 Q, no matter what it is and how it looks like, I just wanted to see inside of someone's heart who gives it to me. But of course yes, big size diamond is absolutely takes interest of other people. It makes you like a queen or whatever you think . . . and well well, I ever experienced it. It wasn't only big size but big Q too.

Nine years ago my boyfriend (my husband now) proposed me with a big diamond that I never had before. It looked strange when I wore it especially its size was bigger than my finger. Then we went to a diamond store in the mall and had an order to make it smaller. The store girl was so surprised after tested it. She said that diamond was worth a lot of money and finally I found out she was right. I could buy a small house in a city in my country - Indonesia or a big house in the viallage at that time with that diamond. Do you know how I felt at that time? I felt like a new queen who was just born in the world (ha, ha...!!!). It wasn't because of the diamond (Q) but because I could feel how worthy I was for him. I didn't compare myself with a diamond but I could read how big appreciation he had given to me in showing his love.

But wait . . . if your diamond (engagement ring) is just 1 or 2 Q, you should not feel down. Remember it always comes from several reasons, especially in the economic situation right now, so have a big and a wise heart and see that there is someone has just proposed you with a small diamond from his big heart. His heart is the most important. You will still feel like a queen, especially for him. Just be happy!! You have someone who loves you!! You will be another lucky one if you get both of them--big (Q) diamond and his big (love) heart.

OK, guys . . . have a nice weekend. I have so many homeworks to do and I have to finish them soon so I can start to do other plans. I will announce the two finalist of "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest next week. Please, stay tune!!! It will be interesting.


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I'm still busy and have to be smart to manage my time.
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bluedreamer27 11:38 AM  

that's right! it doesnt matter how big or how small, how cheap or how expensive the gift is... as long as the person who give it to you is sincere and the gift comes from the bottom of his or her heart!

bluedreamer27 11:41 AM  

oh actually i want to ask you something fida... but maybe i'll just wait until the contest ends..

bluedreamer27 11:43 AM  

oh actually i want to ask you something fida... but maybe i'll just wait until the contest ends..

Fida Abbott 2:32 PM  

what will you ask, BD? Don's ask me some money? (He, he... sorry. It's just joking)


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