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Friday, April 16, 2010

News of the Day

Dear All,

It has been several weeks after my surgery and I feel better and better everyday. I am still taking absent from KabarIndonesia to do my duty and will finish leading online writing course in the next two weeks. I'm planning to be active again at KabarIndoensia in May 2010.

Btw, this time I have a special message for my blogger friend, Mariuca who ever participate in my small event. She was the first person who answered my question correctly that I was pregnant through my Birthday poem (I still owe something for her and I hope she will be interested to participate in my contest). Then in the next two weeks I have to have surgery. Well, my husband and I were fine after we got a news that there was no baby but only growing placenta. Everything happened in life because of God's will and I believe it was the best for me. Till now I still haven't gotten a result for my pathology test. I heard that if I don't get, it means its result is fine. I really hope so. I have tried to call them but till now there is no report, so I thing it will be fine.

Now, what's the next news for my book? This always drives me so excited everytime I would like to announce it. I have heard that KabarIndonesia Executive Director in Netherlands has received my book and he will read it soon. He also would like to plan spreading my book's news via KabarIndoensia. I thank for his generous heart.

If you never heard it before, KabarIndonesia is a leading online daily Indonesian news based on the citizen reporter where I am as Managing Editor there and act as Director for online writing course. There are thousands visitors everyday and it is the biggest Online media for citizen reporter in Indonesia. If you haven't visited it there, you may click KabarIndonesia logo above and if you're interested to join with more than 10.000 Indonesia citizen reporters around the world, register for free and you can start to send your news and articles. Be Top Reporter of the Month and you will be recognized by many thousands of Indoensians around the world.

Then two days ago, I received an email from KabariNews Publisher in Los Angeles, CA that they have received my book and will review it soon. If you're not familiar with its name, KabariNews is the biggest online media in Indonesian language in USA. Its main office is in Los Angeles, CA and its branch office is in Jakarta, Indonesia. KabariNews performs in two types, online newspaper and online magazine (it has imprint too). It has more than 100.000 visitors every month. Right now, its E-zine has been sent to 24,587 subscribers around the world and more than 1 million for E-magazine. If you never visit their website, please take a look by clicking this banner below.

Other exciting news, my "Enthusiasm" is on the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award nomination for novel category. Wish me luck! If I'm not even make it happen even as a finalist, at least I have been in their proud member of NABE.

The next news is a reminder that my book will attend at Book Expo America 2010 in New York, May 25-27, 2010. There are also many intereseting events will be held during those days. This book fair will be attended by thousands of Literary agents, producers, authors, publishers, librarians, international buyers, distributors, and wholesellers, etc. If you're interested to come in this biggest new title book showcase in USA, you may register soon as the tickets will be sold out soon and get a good deal for hotel reservation. Click this logo below for more and complete info.

And one more important message, if you're interested to participate in my "Enthusiasm" Giveaway Contest, post entry before April 26, 2010. Click its banner below to read its rules. Have fun and good luck!!!


What am I doing right now?

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Trying to finish reading my favorite E-book and getting ready for work.
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Mariuca 2:41 PM  

Hi Fida, I am truly sorry to hear about your baby. Like u said it is all God's will and I hope you and ur little girl will be blessed with another baby to play with soon.

Meanwhile, congrats again on ur novel, it seems to be taking off so well. I still have until the 25th to participate right? He he.. will put on my thinking cap for you, big hugs and take care! :):):)

Fida Abbott 3:01 PM  

Thank you, Mariuca for your attention.

I'll wait for your entry.

Have fun and good luck in the contest!

bluedreamer27 12:31 AM  

oh so sorry to hear about what happen fida...
in the posiotive side, i would like to congratulate you for the continuous success of your book

Fida Abbott 12:45 AM  

Hi BD, thank you so much for your great attention & support.

Have a very nice day


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