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Monday, April 05, 2010

2010 Family Celebration

Dear Family and Friends,

What a great day we had last Saturday afternoon, on April 3, 2010. We had special day to celebrate my husband's golden birthday. I was very glad because I could walk fine though it wasn't still good enough to move too much and lift the heavy stuff.

At the same time I also handed a small and special gift to my daughter's birthday gift, Mimi who has been 18 years old last month. I also gave a special gift--my "Enthusiasm" book--to all family members to celebrate launching of my first novel "Enthusiasm". My novel will attend at Book Expo America (BEA) 2010 in New York next month. If you live there, take a look and visit to this special event as the biggest book fair in USA. This event is special because it's for the new book title showcase only.

As a reminder, right now my book is still on the line to be purchased at amazon, barnesandnoble, borders and sonny reader. It will be available soon at bookstores near you in the next several upcoming weeks. If you can not wait, please, visit Xlibris to make a purchase. You can find my book in three versions there, E-pub, softcover, and hardcover.

Other upcoming news, I am still planning to launch my first book giveaway. Please subscribe to this blog, so you won't left behind for this special event and also it is one way to show that you support the author. My book giveaway event will be held in the shortly time.

Below I attach a photo slideshow of my husband's golden B-day! Enjoy and have a great day!


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Still waiting for the result of lab test and will call my work to make sure I will come today or tomorrow.
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Dhemz 10:05 PM  

congrats mommy Fida! belated happy bday to your hubby,,,way to go!

gratcia siahaya 12:35 AM  

Fida, wow... what a happy family, thanks for sharing the pictures! Happy birthday to your husband.

Fida Abbott 6:58 AM  


Thank you so much for your visit and comment. It is always very nice to have your visit here.

Have great day.

Fida Abbott 7:02 AM  

Dear Gratcia,

Thank you for visiting by and enjoy those pictures. Happy family is always as a dream for every family. I hope it would be as every family dream it.

Have great day, Gi!

bluedreamer27 10:31 AM  

oh wow happy golden birthday to your hubby, best wishes!!

Fida Abbott 3:22 AM  

Hi BD, thank you so much.


Viviana 9:28 PM  

I enjoy watching your slideshow. It's a WOW that you created such amazing slideshow..

Viviana 9:30 PM  

I enjoyed watching your slideshow. It's a WOW that you could create such amazing slideshow. The music is fun too.

Fida Abbott 7:03 AM  

Hello Viviana,

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I like this music a lot. It is matched with the photos I present.


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