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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Message

Keep Nutrition in Mind

With a little extra knowledge, choosing healthy foods is easy. For snacks, pick fresh fruits and vegetables or a handful of nuts instead of foods high in cholesterol, salt, sugar, saturated fat and trans fats. Choose water and low-fat milk as your primary drinks, and make at least half your whole grains. Meals built around vegetables, beans and whole grains are a smart option. For more protein, add lean meats, skinless poultry or fish. (


During my pregnancy, eating healthy food is a must, but the problem is my nose, mouth and tummy can not tolerate for most many kind of foods, especially all the foods that have strong smell and ingredients. I also just can eat very small portion, sometimes just several table spoons. The fruit I consume a lot this time is manggo though it tastes different on my tongue.

Well, I just try to eat small amount of any kind of healthy food when I feel I can eat them.

Now, what? I had my 3rd blood test on last Tuesday and on Friday, tomorrow I will meet for the first time with my Obst. We will discuss about all the results of my blood test and my first USG test. Please, keep me in your prayer. Now I'm struggling in waiting what the next news I will get tomorrow. Thank you for your support.

Below, I attach one of my favorite music from Beethoven music collections. I believe you know most his popular musics but I think this one may not be really popular to them who don't like the classic music. Well, I seldom to hear the classical music everyday, but since yesterday, I was thinking to play it again and I believe it is good for my pregnancy, especially for the baby growth. Enjoy!

What am I doing right now?

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I keep praying for my pregnancy and also for my husband.
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