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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I will have surgery tomorrow afternoon

After many days I posted some good news, this time I post its opposite.

After I had 4th times of hCG test (blood test to check my pregnancy hormone level) and twice of USG test, the results are:
- My hCG levels keep getting higher
- There is no baby but only growing placenta

This may not be dangerous so I have to take surgery as soon as possible. If I was ready this afternoon, I should take it but because I wasn't, the surgery will take tomorrow on Friday afternoon at 1.30 PM. I have to be in the registration area at 11.30 AM and will be asked some questions by an anesthesia staff. After surgery, they will bring my tissue to the pathology lab and I hope its result won't make me so worried. Please, keep me in your prayer for the surgery process and post surgery including the result of the pathology test.

I won't be able to go online in couple days but when I feel much better I promise to meet you again here with my new upcoming post to let you know about my condition after surgery.

Thank you for being my supported friends and I really appreciate for every mentioned prayer goes to me.


What am I doing right now?

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Preparing nice and clean bedroom, then I'll take a shower, eat as much as food and drink a lot of water before midnight. After that, no food and drink before getting surgery.
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Blue Jasmine 8:13 PM  

Oh, baby?
I hope everything would run smoothly, Mbak!

g. siahaya 9:44 PM  

Dear Fida, I am sure everything will be alright and my prayer goes for you..

Fida Abbott 7:30 AM  

BJ and Gracia,

Thank you for your prayer.

Now I'm getting ready to go soon to hospital.

Love you, guys!

Hercules Mulligan 11:26 AM  

I know this comes late, but you will be in my prayers, Fida.

Mariuca 7:50 AM  

Take care Fida.. I'll be looking out for ur new updates... I hope all goes well with the surgery, don stress about anything and just have a safe surgery. Hugs! :)

Sunday's Inspiring 8:10 AM  

mbak fid, don't worry, we'll pray for you too..
Just be relax and everything will be fine..

Fida Abbott 8:07 PM  

Hercules, thank you for your attention and support. GBU!!!

Fida Abbott 8:08 PM  

Dear Mariuca,

Thank you for your attention and support of a such lovely blogger friend.

Fida Abbott 8:09 PM  

Hello Sunday's inspiring,

Thank you my dear Fani. Say "Hi" to your mom and dad.

Viviana 4:21 AM  

Fida, I'm so sorry to hear that. I really don't know what to say. I just pray everything will turn all right for you. Be strong, God loves you always.

Big hug, Viviana

Fida Abbott 12:11 PM  

Viviana, thank you for your prayer. It is the most thing I need.

God bless us!

Your Blogger friend


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