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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twelve Days Christmas Gift

On Monday, 12/14/2009, my husband gave me a sweet surprise, a very sweet twelve days Christmas Gift. I should open them one gift every day till Christmas.

I saw there was a big message on one its side, then I read it:

The Twelve Days of Christmas,
A tradition for so long;
Is used to show great love through gifts,
and written in song.
This special Christmas season,
I present these gifts to you.
To thank you for your love and care,
you show the twelve months through.
Please, choose a gift, just one each day.
Any gift will do.
Each one is special, not to share,
and chosen just for you.
And as you choose and open gifts,
Christmas will draw near.
But my love for you will not end there,
it lasts throughout the year

What a lovely message!! He asked me to open one gift that morning before I left for work, and voila!!!.... Mary Kay products I used to use. Thank you, Honey... It was very sweet Christmas gift.

I wish all of you will have wonderful Christmas. Remember, Christmas is not about what the gifts we will get from others but we should remember the greatest gift God has given us, baby Jesus who was born and died for our sins so we can be free. Amen!!!

My first Twelve Christmas Gift from beloved hubby - Mary Kay Products.

1st Gift - 12 days before Christmas: Six MK miniature perfumes.

2nd & 3rd Gifts - 11 & 10 days before Christmas: Gingerspice Wishes body lotion & Belara body powder - hmm... I like its smell.

4th Gift - 9 days before Christmas: Oil - free eye makeup remover, eye definer & makeup wallet.

Left: 5th Gift - 8 days before Christmas: a pair of Cubic Zirconia earings & necklace.
Right: 1st Christmas gift from my little daughter - she bought it with her own money at Christmas Santa's shop at her school. I remember she brought $ 3.00 in her purse and her teacher asked her what a small gift she would buy it for, and she said she would buy a ring for her Mommy. It is very very sweet Christmas gift from 5 years old child.

6th Gift - 7 days before Christmas: a pair of stylist glove and satinhands (hand cream). This is good for cold seasson.

And this morning he said that he won $ 100.00 Pennsylvania Lottery. Wow!! I said it was Christmas present for him. He smiled - then handed me $ 20.00 (he, he...) He is a cute and kind lovely hubby, isn't he?


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Vie 5:35 AM're showered with many gifts for 12 days. I like the Christmas header too. That's right Christmas is the time for family to show their love for each family member. May I wish you have a blessed Christmas.


Fida Abbott 9:10 AM  

Hi Vie, thank you.
Wishing you Merry Christmas, too.

Mrs Mecomber 5:38 PM  

That is so sweet! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family!

Fida Abbott 9:02 PM  

He is, Mrs. Mecombers. Thank you for stopping by and left a comment here. Merry Christmas for you and your family, too.

Mariuca 2:51 PM  

Wow Fida! I love dis post, that is the sweetest gift ever! I love the poem he wrote too, oh my however will you top his gift for you this Christmas? :):):)

Mariuca 2:51 PM  

my fave is the mini perfumes of coz!!! So pretty, love it! :)

Fida Abbott 6:31 PM  

Hi Mariuca,

Honestly, I will tell you... when I opened my first gift and it was mini parfumes - I remembered you, he, he....

Thank you for leaving a comment here... I will see what the top gift I will pick from him - I will wait till Christmas.

Wishing you Merry Christmas, Mariuca!!!!

Blue Jasmine 7:27 AM  

A very romantic and beautiful story, Mbak Fid! Merry Christmas to you and family! I hope the weather is not so bad there!

Fida Abbott 11:09 PM  

Hi Blue Jasmine,

Merry Christmas to you, too.
Thank you for your special visit during this special day.


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