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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Thanksgiving Gift for You

Thanksgiving will be on Thursday. It is the time for me to give the appreciation for several persons. This time I have chosen two persons I would like to give my Thanksgiving gift. The lucky persons who will get my Thanksgiving gift (Fabulous Leftover Turkey in E-book vesion) this year are Ruth Abbott and Tresia Neve.

Ruth Abbott is a lovely woman who has raised her three children (my children, too). She has been with me when I was struggling in facing my difficult life several years ago in several months. We are like a sister for each other and I thank to God for giving me a new friend and a new sister in my life.

Tresia Neve is the first person who was excited to have my printed cookbook (Fabulous Leftover Turkey) and I would like to make her wish comes true although it will be delivered in E-book version. She also had supported me in spreading the info by sending some postcards to her friends and family and had donated the stamps.
I thank to God for giving me a new cyber wonderful friend that finally we could met each other couple months ago. I hope she would be excited getting my Thanksgiving Gift.

If you are interested to get my free Fabulous Leftover Turkey in E-book version as my Thanksgiving Gift this year, there are several simple things you should do:

1. Follow me via Twitter if you haven't yet.
2. Write in your Blog the reason why you really want to have my cookbook
3. Please, enclose a link of in your post with the tag name, Fabulous Leftover Turkey as the First Book of Amerindo Kitchen in Series.
4. You should make this post before Thanksgiving (two days left-my zone time) and please, let me know by leaving a message/ comment in this post with your post link.

It's easy, right? So, what are you waiting for? Write your post, confirm to me and my E-cookbook will be delivered to you on Thanksgiving Day.

FLT: The 1st Book of Amerindo Kitchen in Series

Fabulous Leftover Turkey is The First Book of Amerindo Kitchen in Series. Now, with only $ 10.00 (for US country) and $ 15.00 (for outsite US countries), you can read this fabulous cookbook in e-book version sent in CD via mail. All revenue will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and used to promote my other books to support Cancer Reasearch Program and Unreached Children Program.

To read its details and see some pages inside of this cookbook, visit this special link.

If you are curious why I support three causes above, please read this link.

All payment should be made as donation via Paypal. Please, click logo below to make a donation! E-book will be sent in CD via mail to your home address. Please, write your home address in the message via Paypal.


The Reviewers:

1. Cathy Mc Kittrick (MO)

Through the publishing of this book, Fida Abbott has shared her approach to American cooking through the eyes of someone fairly new to the United States. She brings forth fresh culinary ideas combined with personal tidbits that endear you to her and this ambitious effort.

2. Maria Coleman (TX)

A first look at this recipe book was a bit daunting. Maroon-brown hard cover with that crispy-but-juicy look of the turkey and all the trimmings will surely bring up your appetite. "Fabulous Leftover Turkey", really??

With so many turkey recipes out there what makes this one stand out? First, it's the creativity of the author, Fida Abbott, who smartly combine two great cultures: Indonesia, where she from, and America, where her husband from, into these recipes. The result? Ten great dishes that are easy to prepare. Second, not like others, the author also shares her story of how she came up with recipe ideas and it's background. This makes cooking more enjoyable. Third, pictures are nice. Even though they could be more attractive if they were more focussed and clearer. I personally like the setting and layout, even though in some pages margins are uneven. But it doesn't hurt much. Four, this book is for everyone. I'm vegetarian, but that doesn't mean I cannot use this recipe book. It gives me confidence to play around with non-meat ingredients.

That's what's fabulous! I definitely will recommend it to you. Can't wait for another series, Fida!

(This review can be read at

3. Baikbear (PA)

Two words I can describe about this cookbook; attractive and creative. I enjoy the stories the author wrote. Photographs are great.

I hope she will publish the second book soon and keep supporting the others who are in need.

If you would like to have this cookbook imprint, you can make a purchase via Lulu. Please click the botton below:

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.


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