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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parenting Divorce

DIVORCE, it is a frightened word for a family, especially for the children. No children in the family want their parent getting divorce. It will hurt their life seeing the broken relationship of their parent. Most of the children from the divorce parent will have its effect.

Thank to God I have three sweet children from my husband first married. You may believe or not, they are the sweetest American children I've ever seen, and they have been in part of my life and family. I ever gave a great compliment to my husband and his ex-wife how great they were in raising their kids after divorce.

It's not only that, even the relationship between her and me, between her and my husband are good. We both are like a sister, and she and my husband are like a friend.

If you are one of a couple who are getting divorce or have been getting divorce or have been divorced, there is a great website source about Parenting after Divorce you should know.

Remember, children are influenced by their parent's divorce in many subtle ways, and parenting after a divorce can be a completely fresh challenge.

If you're going through a parenting divorce, you will want to read their ground rules of parenting after divorce. And, especially if it is an angry divorce, you will also need to know the fundamental policies which both divorcing parents need to commit to, for the sake of your children.

I'm sure through Parenting after Divorce, they will help you to ensure emotional stability for your kids - and for you - to flourish in your new situation. Their website also gives you a perspectives about a course on parenting after divorce:
1. Commit to being consistent on certain house rules;
2. When your child gets upset and seems to tantrum or lose control of their feelings, react to your child's concerns even if they seem unreasonable;
3. Communicate and listen;
4. Build a stable, two-household routine and stay involved;
5. Deal with the anger, don't dismiss it

They also provide a link that will bring you to Supernany forum, an online forum place to join the conversation and share your parenting experience.

I hope through this great information, Parenting after Divorce will help you in facing a new challaging life.

Good Luck!


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Rahul 9:00 AM  

yes divorce is really bad for a whole family.It effects both the husband and the wife and the child most if already they have a child.But I think that after divorce the mom and child have to suffer most.


Fida Abbott 9:46 AM  

Hello Rahul,
Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment here.

I've also visited your site.

Good luck for your great businesss!!

Best regards!

Viviana 5:31 PM  

Hi Fida, thanks for sharing this sensitive topic. You're blessed with a good family relation and the kids love you as a mom. A mother is not only a person who gives birth by definition. Anyone can be a mother as long as she cares and nurtures the children.

Fida Abbott 6:30 PM  

Hello Viviana,

You're right. Absolutely right.
I thank God for this in my life. Love is the most important in the family relationship.

Thank you for leaving a comment here.

Have nice day.

bluedreamer27 3:55 AM  

oh thats the hardest part of marriage i hope i will never come to that point

Fida Abbott 7:45 AM  

I hope not BD.
Thank you for your visit and comment.

Robert 2:34 AM  

Divorce its just so hard for the kids. when my parents separated, I was so doomed and very disappointed. But I just have to accept things as they are meant to happen. Good thing I got this planner/organizer from co-Parenting-Manager ( which really helped me cope up with the situation. Their website is also perfect for parents and kids who are experiencing the dilemma of divorce.


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