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Sunday, September 06, 2009

ZAZZLE: Be Creative, Be Happy!!

My family and friends have recognized me that I'm a creative person. I don't refuse it since I have already recognized myself when I was a little child. I loved cross stitching, hand needle works, crafting, etc. I made my first big cross stitching when I was 10 years old, my first scarf when I was 10-11 years old, writing a teenager short story and poems when I was 13 years old, starting to make money by giving private course for the students when I was in the college (20 years old).

One special and favorite activity I had was as a member of six different vocal groups [VG. Pemuda Silo (1985-1988), VG. El-Shaddai-then we changed its name as VG. Effata (1988-2002), Joining between VG. Effata & VG Hosana (1992-1993), VG. Pemuda Genta Kasih (1992), VG. UPN Jatim (1992), VG. GKJW Tjg. Perak (1998)]. Most of my time when I was in Indonesia besides studying and working was giving private course and practicing with my Vocal Group members. I have an unique voice which it has different output sounds between speaking and singing. When I speak, my voice is light and even I don't like to hear it but friendly. When I sing, my voice will change, it is opposite 180 degree, it has different style. I thank to God for giving me this talent and I had used it to service Him in many years. All VGs I ever joined, it never came from myself, but from them who had recognized me that I had a talent in voice they needed. My voice is perfect for VG, is not for single singer. My voice can blend with theirs nicely and gave the power in appearance.

Since I moved to USA, I have left all my favorites activities and I believed at that time as it was a part of God's will, He would give other suitable activities that match with my abilities. Being busy to take care of my family is a great blessing too which I believe it is one of His blessing in my life, especially in raising a child. She has inspired me in many ways. I recognized her several skills and they stimulated me in being more creative person I can be as her Mom.

US weather is very different with Indonesia weather; 4 seasons vs 2 seasons - cold vs hot. Because of the different weathers, I spent my time most inside in the house and the very suitable activities for myself are writing, going online and cooking.

Since I knew the cyber wolrd, especially in blogging, my writing skill has improved time by time, especially in writing in my second language. My writing activity that had stagnated many years ago has started again since that time. Now I have been given a great responsibility as Managing Editor at the largest Indonesia online daily news based on Citizen Reporters that now it has almost 10.000 Indonesian Citizen Reporters from around the world and as a Director for an online writing course they own. I don't make ( a lot of) money for those (it is non profit media) but I have built a great experience and opportunity, huge networks and friends and I love them as they still brings me to be connected to all Indonesians around the world. The owners yesterday sent me an email to show their appreciation of my great work in their Team. They said I should move to Jakarta and build a bigger company and become the millionaires together.

Through blogging, I also can share my writings, my thoughts, my stories, etc and make friends, so don't be hesitate if you're interested becoming my friends. My hands widely welcome to everybody.

My other favorite activities are cooking and gardening. Since I moved to US, my husband is one of the most person who has supported me in cooking. He bought the cooking tools as a gift for my birthday, Mothers Day or Christmas presents. It made me wild to do more experiments for my own recipes. Now I have a cookbook project in series and proudly to donate all the revenue to Cystic Fibrosis foundation and to support my other upcoming books/cookbooks marketing to support cancer reseach program and unreached children program.

In gardening, since we moved to a new house in 2005 and it has large yard, my desire in gardening has growth. I have changed the empty lawn to a beautiful garden and create a place where the butterflies and hummingbirds come to have party. Although it still needs a lot of works to improve it, I have been enough satisfied with my own efforts and works. It is far from perfect yet as I wanted but I have seen 80% all of my plants have growth as I expected and I still keep learning in a new weather and many kinds of new plants.

Now, what the connection between Zazzle and the story I wrote above?
I have been so wild having ideas that most come every day in my mind and I just burry them because I still don't have enough time to exist them. My focus is for my family, work, writing my novel and cookbook projects, and other online activities - but I have discovered a website that has been so long I tried to learn in it, Zazzle. After this morning I read all their information, I think Zazzle is one of websites I was looking for. I have heard Zazzle many months ago, but I had not given my attention in it. This morning, suddenly I was interesting to learn more and I was glad knowing it.

Zazzle will be absolutely my online store for my creativity one day soon and also I am planning to promote my little daughter skill in drawing through this site.

If you are a creative person, why you don't want to try Zazzle? Check Zazzle!! You can build your online store and show your creativity along with their member support staffs.


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Introducing ZAZZLE, be creative, be happy!
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