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Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Sweet Corns Harvest This Year

This year I don't plant so many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Besides we had so much rain almost every day in spring (so we didn't have a chance to prepare the top soil for planting areas), also I wanted to focus writing my novel at that time. I just planted red sweet corns, herbs and lavenders. My husband also was busy with his first several varities of sweet corns and tomatoes. I helped him to weed his garden while I had other spot for my red sweet corns.

All plants grew very well and we both and our little girl enjoyed watching how they grew every week, especially watching how the corns showed up with their hairs for the first time. I took some pictures and post them here.

In the middle of their growings, we were so excited waiting for the harvest time. It would be cool because we would have several kinds of corn varities, especially of my red sweet corns.

But what happened next... it was really sad, we didn't even have a chance to harvest them. The unexpected deers came and ate all of them in the night.

We didn't prevent their coming because in three years after we moved to our new house and had planted several times since we moved, we never had the problems, even seeing them. We started to see a deer crossing the main street of our area last year when we were driving in the night. I said to my husband that deer was lost but he said no. The deers were everywhere in Pennsylvania.

He was right. Finally they found our garden that was perfect for their night party. I was very very sad. I never thought they would find our garden but I was really wrong and he was right. The last picture above was the last picture of my husband's garden spot I took before getting their attacks. It was sad, wasn't it??


Next year, my husband would plan to protect our gardens to prevent the deer's attacks. Since then, I thought we would have one more problem in gardening, the deer's attacks.

What am I doing right now?

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Taking care of my sick little daughter who has been sick since last Thursday, so I can not finish chapter 20 as the schedule I've made.
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