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Saturday, July 18, 2009

What was in My Thought This Morning?

Since Wal-Mart is cutting 4000 hours per year for all associates in every store they have, my schedule has been cut many times. If at my place where I work now has around 400 associates (exactly it is more than that), including Managements, it means every associate will get 10 cut hours per year but in the reality they get three to four times than that, or even more. Do you know how much money they will lose if I assume every associate will lose 40 hours per year? If I take average $ 10/hour/associate, it means every associate will lose $ 400/year. It is big enough for associate because they work hourly, not for management staff.

Today I will be in home, and next week they don't schedule me. Next two weeks is my paid holiday which is I don't need to work but I get paid. What will I do for two weeks? Since I have little difficulty to find time to write my novel, I think two weeks are the best way to fulfill my progress. At least four chapters I have to write, so I predict by the end of this month, I'll finish writing until fifteen chapters. Then the rest of the chapters will be continued next month which is around 25% left to go.

With my daughter at China buffet restaurant after shopping, summer'08

Having a little kid who still needs to take care of is very difficult. Sometimes when I was serious, in the mood and concentration in writing, suddenly she came to me and asked this and that, or when I was in that situation, I have to prepare for lunch or dinner soon. But I always thank to God for every interuption I get. It shows me that I'm a Mommy and a wife who has responsible to take care of my family besides being a busy person with my other personal needs. I thank to God I have a precious gift in my life. It is my family. I should be wise, smart and patient in arranging my time. That's what we have to be if we want everything in balance; life, family, and career.

I don't have special holiday agenda since everything should be in tight condition, especially my time and my family needs. If last year my daughter went to the summer camp, this year I will bring her active to visit the local library and attend the programs/shows for her age there. I want her to be a kid who loves book and reading as I and my husband do. She is a very smart and talented girl. You won't believe if I show you her drawings I have collected since she was three years old. She can draw like a kid who is two-three years older than her. Now my focus is bringing her for reading, writing and counting that need focus and patience. Since I know sometimes she doesn't have those enough, I prepare her to move to those levels, step by step. Meanwhile now I also have to be more discipline with my time between writing and doing the things online if I want my progress is done as I expected and I was excited since I had talked to a publisher consultant and representative and found out what happens next.

Have nice weekend!


What am I doing right now?

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Chapter 11 needs one more dialog and closing, then I will start to write chapter 12 tomorrow.
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bluedreamer27 2:10 PM  

by the way, hope you dont mind
i got a new site,
hope you can place it in your blog roll... thanks a lot!!!
oh are you a fan or an avid listener of Diana Ross Song? blog idol round 6 just got started and contenders were assigned to pick a song from her
...have a great day and happy blogging!!!


Fida Abbott 2:26 PM  

Of course BD.
I'll add when I post something to my blog.

Happy Blogging

Blue Jasmine 12:25 AM  

It is quite a hard time everywhere, in my opinion. I wish I have enough courage to break this hard situation....hehehe....

devita 5:13 AM  

wow! good luck with your novel. I hope you could finish it soon.

Ariel is a smart girl. I know that. you are lucky to have her.

Give my warm regards to her.



Fida Abbott 6:56 AM  

I'm sure you have it, BJ.
Thanks for your visit & leaving a comment here.

Have nice day.

Fida Abbott 6:57 AM  

Thank you so much for your great support Devita. I'll send your regard for her.


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