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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Book is Listed at Amazon

What a great news!! This morning I got an email from Lulu Team that they have chosen my cookbook: First Amerindo Kitchen in Series (Fabulous Leftover Turkey) as one of the books of Lulu Amazon marketplace pilot at . I was so very happy!! I sent an email to them asking to complete it with the front cover and info of this cookbook soon.

This book revenue will support Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and be used to promote my other next books to support Unreached Children Program and Cancer Reaserch Program.

If you are interested to purchase it, either from or and will give the review there, I will give 5000EC for the first Reviewer as my appreciation to say thank you for your support in this mission and 3500EC and 2500EC for the second and third Reviewers. For all of you and everybody who purchase this cookbook via or in this month, June 2009 and you are going to make a review as a post in your Blog, I will send you a special gift directly to your home. Let me know the link of your post and send me an email of your address, no matter where you live, inside or outside of USA. Your name also appear at as a Reviewer!!!!! (Isn't great!!)

To read details of this cookbook, visit or

Other news, meanwhile I am writing to finish my first novel - I will start Chapter 5 next week on Monday - I also plan doing to deliver all my digital and printed books will be available at Kindle Store. I will inform this great news step by step when it is done.

I will have more excited announcements in the next couple weeks. I am very excited!!!


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I can not wait to write my fifth chapter next Monday.
about 1 minute ago from web


G 10:06 AM  

Fida, this is so cool!!!! Congratulation! (^__^) You are amazing!

Fida Abbott 10:46 AM  

Hi G,

Thank you!! I think my hard work is so worthy by getting a chance from them. Thank you for your response and attention.

Have great weekend.

FA in PA

nancy 11:20 AM  

I am excited for you, sis. You've made everything easy and achievable.Congratulation.

Fida Abbott 11:44 AM  

Nancy, thank you for your support and attention. You made my day!


bluedreamer27 4:09 AM  

wow im happy to hear that from you fida
by the way
i just tagged you here
share your reason why you love to blog
have a great day and happy blogging

Fida Abbott 5:39 AM  

Hi BD,

Thanks. Tag looks cool. I'll do it when I have a chance to post, OK.

Thank you for sharing with me.

bluedreamer27 2:45 PM  

sure fida by the way
the set is ready for your batch
for the Mariah Carey medley round
here the link

devita 3:38 AM  

Wow!! Congratulations sister!!! I know you can do it! I am happy for you.

Fida Abbott 11:41 AM  

BD: Cool Post. I've voted already.
Devita: I'm glad you appear again. I was worried, it had been so long you weren't active at blogosphere.

Thank you for your support and attention.

Your sister

donna510 12:50 PM  

Congratulation Fida, it is not easy to be a writer but u can.

Be my friend & lets exchange link.

Fida Abbott 6:47 PM  

Hi Donna,

Thank you. I am so glad having a new friend. Your blog has been listed. Thank you for your interest.

Your new friend.

donna510 4:46 AM  

your link has been added Fida. check in my LINK menu. thx alot.

Fida Abbott 6:45 AM  

Thank yo, Donna. Yours, too at my supporters link.

Have great day!

Mrs. Mecomber 4:09 PM  

Fida, this is AMAZING! Your turkey in the book photo looks gorgeous. I will be keeping my eye out for this book-- maybe my family will get it for me for our Thanksgiving Day gift!

Congratulations to you on the publishing of your book. This is a remarkable feat.

Fida Abbott 10:08 PM  

Mrs. Mecomber,

Thank you. I hope they will get it for you for Thanksgiving Day Gift. I am glad hearing this, that you are interested to have it.

Have great weekend.

devita 4:33 AM  

sister Fida! Yesterday I found out how to buy a book in Amazon. and it is Amazon in Indonesia. so several books sold in amazon can be bought here using rupiah. Some of them are available but some of them are not. I hope your book are available, so I can buy it here. lol.

Have an amazing day!!!

PS: now I have found my favorite internet centre. This means, I can bloghopping again. yay!!

Give my hugs, kisses and warmest regards to little sweet Ariel. muah ...muah..muah...

Fida Abbott 7:12 AM  


Thank you for your great attention. I think my book is available to be purchased to worldwide.

Please, let me know if it can.

I am so glad you find internet cafe. I am sure you miss it.

Your sister.


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