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Monday, May 25, 2009

CIBFest 2009

CIBFest 2008 Banner A

Last week I saw at my visitors statisctic, there was a visitor came from CIBFest. I wondered if they were holding a second contest for this year. I visited their website and I was right. My Blog was there, it was still the old version when the first time I registered there as one of the contestants last year. I was not sure if they still put mine there or someone had put mine there. I saw randomly, my other blog appeared too. I thought they just put the contestant Blogs from last year contest in their Blog list.

Let me know if you leave a comment there by leaving a comment at any post here. For all contestants, Good Luck!! I am not in the part of it in this year and also next years but I will support them through announcing of their contest from my blog.

Other news, since couple days ago I could not open my Blog perfectly. The bottom parts under my post coloum could not appear. Before it happened, it said, "Aborted" so I decided to add it at 'My Favorite' and finally I could open my Blog but it wasn't completely opened. If there are somebody can give me suggestion, it will be great because it is also same in many blogs I visited, it said, "Aborted".

Because I can not read the bottom parts, please, don't leave me a message at Shoutbox but at the comment section in the post.

I am sorry for this unconvenience. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you for the attention of this blog and I hope I will get any good suggestions from anybody.


What am I doing right now?

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HOKI writing online will end next week. I am excited waiting to read the student's comments. I am sure they have learned a lot from the Moduls and their good mentors.
about 1 minute ago from web


bluedreamer27 6:04 AM  

oh thats nice to here
i wish all the best for you in that contest

and you know what fida
thats also my reason why i was force to removed Cbox in my main blog hehe
cuz they're leaving their comments on the shoutbox than to my comment box

bluedreamer27 6:06 AM  

by the way fida thanks for giving me the new answer for your song choice

by the way sorry about this
for one last favor

your song choice for Mariah carey "ill be ther" was already taken so as "hero"
do you have any choice for Mariah songs?

you can just comment me back in any of my blogs about that

thanks again

Fida Abbott 5:49 AM  

Hi BD,
It is done. Thank you and I'm always glad getting a visit from you.

Robertfel 7:00 AM  

Halo mba, How are you?

Great to know you join Cibfest, I think to join also :)

Yeah you should remove Cbox shoutout coz ppls always comment on it than ur comment box.


bluedreamer27 1:56 AM  

have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend

bluedreamer27 9:15 AM  

hello there my friend
blog idol just got started
meet the other participant here

Fida Abbott 6:03 AM  


Thanks for the info.


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