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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three Weeks Becoming Entrecard Member

On March 7th, three weeks ago was a date when I joint Entrecard. The reason why I joint it because of the prize I got from Blognetawards as the 5th prize comments winner who got 2500 EC credits. As a new member I learned a lot at that time and finally I knew how it worked.

There are plusses and a minus I have as a member. The plusses are the traffic has increased more than three times. Before, there was under 15 visitors per day and after I joint it, the traffic shows around 45-60/ day (wow!!!). I also found some interesting blogs, contests, have new friends and have fun in collecting EC credits.

A minus is I have to spend more time online to drop cards to other blogs. Well, I think this is a kind of commitment if I wanna be worthy becoming Entrecard member. As long as it doesn't bother my other activities, it is fine.

In this time I would like to thank to all of Bloggers who have put their adds and to other bloggers who are so loyal visiting and dropping their cards here. I would like you to know that all the credits I got from Entrecard I'll cash it next month after reaching at least 10.000 credits and will be used to support Gospel for Asia and promote my books to support unreached children program, Cystic Fibrosis and Cancer Research Program. So, please keep what you have been doing and thank you for all of your supports to make my vision comes true.

As my appreciation, I would like to announce who are in the list of my Top Droppers:

Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 18
Wishing On A Falling Star 18
I am Harriet 14
Sited and Blogged 13
Quantum Indonesia Translogistic 12
My Heart Voice 11
Enjoy Work As Leisure 11
Chaos Tech 10
DJ Tammy Squels 9
Cool Dad Central 9

Congratulations to Mariuca who owns Mariuca's Perfume Gallery and Wishing on A Falling Star. She was also a Blogger who has bought most adds for this Blog. Once again thank you for your great supports to realize my vision. You have collected many credits to win my second book in series!!! Yeaaa!!! Are you excited, Mariuca??

Just an information, I have launched my 1st book of Amerindo Kitchen in series at - You should visit there if you are interested to read details about this interesting book. I'll let you know that all of the revenue will go to support Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and be used to promote my books to support unreached children program and cancer research program. Amerindo Kitchen will be written in many series that all of the contents including the photographs, arranging, etc I do by myself.


What am I doing right now?

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The winner of my 1st Book of Amerindo Kitchen in series will be announced next week. Who is she?? Please, be patient and wait! To get involved becoming the winner of getting my free book, please stay tune on Fida Abbott's Blog and show your supports in many ways!!!!
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Harrison 12:11 AM  

I find a lot of EC traffic are just people who "Drop" then leave without commenting. It is traffic but I'm not so sure how high quality it is. I've only been a member for 6 weeks or so.

Fida Abbott 12:30 AM  

Hello Harrison, you are right. It was almost 99% they just dropped without commenting but I am sure if we have attractive postings, they would stop and read it although without leaving a comment.

For me traffic is just one of many ways to expose our Blog through bloggosphere.

Thank you for leacing a comment here. I really appreciate it.

Regards from PA.

Mariuca 7:22 AM  

Fida I'm here!!!!

Mariuca 7:39 AM  

Ha ha ha Fida, I'm so happy u joined EC. See now I can happily advertise at your site! Btw, I dunno how to go abt cashing in the credits yet. Must do my research later. :)

Mariuca 7:39 AM  

I'm in the running to get ur 2nd book sweetie?? Of coz I'm excited woo hoo!! :):):)

Mariuca 7:40 AM  

Ok, I will try to drop here daily, want to remain as ur Top Dropper woo hoo! Hugs! :)

Fida Abbott 11:18 AM  

Hello Mariuca,

Thanks for everything. I really didn't expect to get the credits from you but I will accept it to show the respect from be for being such good friend.

That is cool to be in the list of your Top Droppers.

Btw, just give you an info, to send credit, you should clik 'E' in every person add. On the right site in the Black area, where you can see many options: if you want to put them as favorite, give a comment, send the credits, etc.

I hope that information is very helpfull for you.

My best Regards.


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