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Monday, March 09, 2009

February, My Special Month (Part 2)

This posting should be posted last month, because of another reason I delayed to post it in this month. I had posted the first part of this title at this link which mentioned that February was my special month because it was the month when I was born.

I have created a nice remix here and I would like to show you how thanked I was that God gave me a healthy life and a happy family.

After I passed a whole month of February, I have noticed there were many interesting things happened in my life that I would like to share them to all of you:

On February 5th, My Blogger Friend, Anang Yb sent me an email. He was looking for an inspiration woman writer to contribute at ALB and he chose me. He wrote:

Salam damai Kristus...

Senang bisa kontak lagi dengan Mbak.
Saya diajak rekan untuk menjadi kolomnis tetap di situs Saya sih mau saja karena misi dari situs ini adalah untuk berbagi inspirasi dan gagasan positif lewat media tulisan khususnya tulisan dari penulis perempuan. Untuk itu saya juga diminta mencari penulis perempuan yang karya-karyanya inspiratif. Siapa lagi yang saya ingat kalau bukan Mbak Fida?
(Thank you, Anang. You have touched my heart and I should thank for this great compliment.)

He also wanted me to give a testimony for his first book and I have done it already. I accepted his invitation to contribute at ALB and till now ALB has published my writings here and here. It will be continued periodically.

On February 8th, I got an invitation from Team to join there. Here is their email:

Hi Fida,

I’ve stumbled upon your blog and I would like to interest you in joining the weekly blog competitions at is a group of multi authored blogs, regulated by our readers. It is an online citizen journalism magazine spanning different topics, you can read more about us in any of the online reviews - just Google for BloggersBase.

What’s in it for you:

1) Cash – Currently we give away 40$ for first place and 10$ for second place each week in each topic. So with minimal effort on your part you can win up to 160$ per month in a single topic on our site.

2) Exposure – you will get additional exposure to your site from links on your posts which lead back to your site (attribution), as well as from occasional promotions we do for our bloggers.

What’s in it for us:

Promotion and exposure - we are trying to interest talented bloggers to submit their posts not only on their blog but also on BloggersBase. This can automatically be done with our RSS-IN tool.

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join us at

For any questions feel free to drop me an email.

Thank you for your time,

BloggersBase team.

(Well, it looked interesting after I tried to check their website but I still didn't have time to make it. Right now my schedule is still tight and I have to run my time to fulfil my schedule everyday completely. I hope someday I can make it. If you are interested, you may try it.)

On February 9th, I found out that this blog was in the list of Best Personal Development Blog nomination and with all of the supports from my loyal and amazing Blogger friends, this blog has been one of Honorable Mentions for the Best Blog of the Month, February 2009. Great appreciations they have given has stimulated me to keep writing as best as I can. I also won for the 5th Prize for the comment contest and I got 2500 EC.

To give a respect their appreciation, I should join
Entrecard. One of the conditions was this blog might not have an automatically playing music. It was sad because I loved music. But I should be wise in this case and I decided to move my playlist to my other blog, AbbottsBooks. I was still new at that time and I kept learning in several days. It was interesting. Next month I will plan to cash my points and will donate to GFA and promote my books to support unreached children program, cystic fibrosis, and cancer research program.

My other blog,
Little Mermaid was also nominated as Best Diarist Blog but I didn't focus on it. I was glad enough this blog had involved and been nominated. That was enough for me.

On February 10th was
my 3rd Blog Anniversary

On February 11th was
my Birthday. I got my first Birthday pin from work.

On February 14th was Valentine Days, a time to show my special love to family.

On February 15th was celebration of my Birthday. I made Tumpeng for dinner and it was as one of my projects too. You can see it on the remix above. Sunday morning my husband gave me a surprised birthday present, A Gateway Notebook that I have planned to buy it soon someday with my own money. Thank you, Honey! Several pictures of my new notebook can be seen in the remix above.

On February 16th was the beginning of
HOKI online writing course after couple months I worked on it. I am very satisfied with the active mentors I have right now. They do the best and I am so proud of them.

On February 25th, I got a surprised email from Facebook. One of my relatives found me. It has been couple years we had communicated via phone once time and a letter/ cards. She was a wife of my cousin and very nice. I lived in their home around 10 days when I made my USA visa 8 years ago in Jakarta.

On February 28th,
Nancy Dinar asked me to review her first book. I gave her inputs, comments and testimony. I appreciate of her trust to let me read her book and gave feedback for a better thing.

What am I doing right now?

Follow me at Twitter

I had finished my 1st book in series two days ago and now it is in the final editing. Soon after it is published, launched and do the drawing, I will start for the 2nd book in the end of this month. Another novel I write every morning twice/ three times per week. I am very excited.
about 1 minute ago from web


Devita 4:32 AM  

Wow!!! What an achievement!!!!

You are great sister. keep on fire! i know you are not an ordinary person. you are amazing. many achievement in one month is fabulous:D:D

I want to be like you :D:D

Mariuca 7:05 AM  

OMG Fida! Ur daughter is so adorable!!! And congrats to you on this wonderful achievement. Love and hugs! :):):)

Fida Abbott 8:27 AM  


I like you. You have adesire to follow a great thing. Success for you!!!

Hugs from Little Mermaid.

Your Sister in PA.

Fida Abbott 8:29 AM  

Mariuca, you are my inspiration in Blogging World.

Thank you.

Love and hugs!

LilysGramma 12:35 PM  

Congratulations and great job! Keep up the good work, it looks like you have big things in store for you! :)

Fida Abbott 3:31 AM  

Thank you LG.

You have been in my list.


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