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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eligible Drawing Contestants

Hi Guys, Fida Abbott's Giveaway of the Year had been passed and it still continues to another giveaway (drawing for my first published book). Below is the list of the contestants and supporter of Fida Abbott's Giveaway of the Year, who are eligible entering for the next drawing:

1. Vivie from Germany
2. Maria Coleman, Texas-USA
3. Nancy Dinar, South Korea (she lives in Jakarta, Indonesia now)
4. Christina Hann, Germany

- Bintang, Saudi Arabica, who has posted "...Gift..." as a condition to be a part for the next drawing

If I missed the confirmation from other supporters, please, let me know, so I will add you in the list above (you had to posted it before February 1st, 2009).


Other different news, Abe (88th) has recent posting, showing his new drawing of me. You can visit it here if you are interested to see his drawing, a girl on the blue spot (I gave its name). What do you think???

What am I doing right now?

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I worked a lot on the computer yesterday afternoon till my eyes felt tired and dizzy. I can not wait to finish my book soon. I'm so excited
about 5 seconds ago from web


anangyb 6:09 AM  

hai, kabar baik kan, mbak?
Saya ditantang editor situs untuk mencarikan penulis wanita yang inspiratif dan penuh ide-ide penggugah semangat.

Mbak Fidda mau kan berbagi inspirasi di situs

Fida Abbott 11:59 AM  

Hi Anang, terima kasih atas tawarannya. Kirim email ke aku ya, biar lebih privat.

Kutunggu kabarnya.

Salam dari PA

Fida Abbott 11:59 AM  

Hi Anang, terima kasih atas tawarannya. Kirim email ke aku ya, biar lebih privat.

Kutunggu kabarnya.

Salam dari PA

Devita 12:44 PM  

wow sister! the picture is really you!! He has talent. Lol.

I am sorry, I had been sick and I couldn't visit your blog. Lol. I has just visit Ariel's today and watch the video. It looks so much fun! I wish I were there too. Lol.

and enjoy the fun, of course. Lol.

Congratulations for the next contestant and supporters! Its a great event!

Have a great time everyone!!

88th 10:27 AM  

aku dateng! wah nama gwa muncul di postingnya Fida!!! makasih ya.

Im glad u like it. thank u so much. I do ma best!

salam JKT!

anangyb 2:25 AM  

Hai mbak fida,
Saya nggak tau email yg febri_70@.... masih Mbak pakai nggak. Saya kirim email kesana. Cek ya!

Mariuca 4:31 AM  

Hola Fida! Is that a new header I see here? You working hard at ur laptop? He he, so cute! Dropping in to thank you for voting for me sweetie...I WON! :):):)

Fida Abbott 7:18 AM  

Devita, I'm glad you are better now. I start having little cough. I hope I will not get sick. I have many things to do.

Your Sista

Fida Abbott 7:19 AM  

88th. You're welcome. Thanks for drawing me. I like it.

Regards from PA

Fida Abbott 7:19 AM  

Anang, I'll check it out.
Thanks for your effort.

Fida Abbott 7:20 AM  

Mariuca, I am glad you won. Congratulations!!! 5:57 AM  

Hay are you...friends... 10:12 AM  

hello tu gays......
how are you gays.....

Anonymous 11:24 AM  

waaaa...aku udah liat gambarnya fid..bagus banget...

Fida Abbott 8:11 AM  

Iya, nggak nyangka kok aku malah yg digambar bukan si imut Little Mermaid.

Thanks ya udah dimomentari hasil karya si Abe.

Salam hangatku.


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