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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Beauty of Giving

My Giveaway Event has been closed couple days ago and this time I would like to thank you for all my loyal supporters (Devita, Gratcia Siahaya, Bintang, and Indonesian Abroad) and all the contestants (Vivie - Germany, Maria Coleman - Texas, USA), Nancy Dinar - South Korea), and Christina Hann - Bronx, Germany) for bringing this event succesfully. The succesfull isn't seen from the quantity but quality. Without special promoting, finally there are 4 supporters and 4 contestants who have been involved in it.

This Giveaway I dedicated to all my loyal Blogger friends who have given me such great support for this Blog and I also like to giving. Giving to share is the point of this event. The contestants have told their stories as an expatriate and I'm sure every unique story gives the unique blessing to every reader. Then the supporters have given a great supports to this event already. Their attentions and efforts to spread this event are the sign that they care and would like to give a special support for this event that I was holding. Special to Devita who has given me a surprised gift, a beautiful logo, I was really speechless when the first time I read her Blog and saw its logo she has made. Thank you, Devita for your special support.

Giving is beautiful. How do you feel when you give something to another without tendency? I'm sure as a giver, you will feel more blessing than the receiver.

Now, it is the time I would like to announce that all the contestants will have a chance to be in drawing to get one of my first printed book that I'm still working on it right now. One Lucky winner will get one of my first printed book. If you are the supporters, don't worry!! You still have a chance to be in drawing if you like and are intersted to be in it. You just do the simple thing. You have to write your thought what do you think about the event I have been held after you receive a special gift from me in December 2008. The announcement of the winner of this event will be on next 1-2 weeks.

Now, as I ever told before that there are a special gift from me to all the supporters, now I would like to ask every supporter to send an email to me to give the complete address, including ZIP Code. For all contestants, there are also a special card I would like to send. Please, do the same thing to send your complete address and ZIP code to me via email.

Through this event, I personally can know every one of you much better and is not only in cyber world. That is the beauty of this event. I'm sure through this way it will bring our connection closer each other.

The final appreciation from me to all my supporters and contestants, please accept the award located on the top of this posting and attach it to your blog. All of you are awesome and deserve to get this award. Mariuca gave me this award last month and mentioned that she also like to hand the award to her other loyal commentators, who though did not make it to her Top 10 Mariucans list, but consistently visit and leave her the words of wisdom there! Well, altough I feel I seldom visit there because of my busy time. Mariuca, thank you for this lovely award. I really appreciate it and love it.

What am I doing right now?

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I am still excited having a launch of my first published E-book and classic calender at
less than 10 seconds ago from web


-G- 9:45 PM  

Fida, (^_^) congratulation for your e-book and congratulation for the successful event! Next time let's create some event together, maybe we can rock the blogospeher? (^_-)

I'll email you my address! Yaiiiy! So happy!

Fida Abbott 3:40 AM  

Hi G, cool!!!
I'll wait your email.

nancy 6:52 AM  

Fidda,I am inspired by your vision and spirit. Congratulation for your Book, may it become blessing for many.
it's been a pleasure that I may able participate in your award.

Fida Abbott 9:56 AM  

Hi Nancy, thank you. I am so glad you are the one of the contestants of my event.


Mariuca 2:46 AM  

You're welcome Fida! I love handing out awards and u are almost always on my list for being such a cool long-distance friend! Love and hugs! :):):)

Fida Abbott 6:02 AM  

Thank you Mariuca.

From your a cool long-distance friend.

Warm Regards,

Devita 8:37 PM  

wow sister!!! Thank you!!! I am still waiting for Ariel's card :D:D:D

I am sorry, I have an internet problem this 11 days so I couldn't visit you. But it seems getting better now so I will keep in touch again. I really hope so. Okay then, I will sent the email now.

thank you again sister!! :D:D

Fida Abbott 6:11 AM  

I think next week I am sure you will get those cards.

Thank you for your message.

Have great day,

88th 5:58 PM  

o yes!dats cool!!!lol

Fida Abbott 7:35 AM  

Thanks 88th for your first visit and comment.


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