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Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Tags

The First Tag is from Devita:

What are you wearing right now? brown long jean and orange T-shirt
What is right next to you? window
What was the last thing you ate? curry beef and potato
Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? We went to Bali to celebrate our engagement. I think it was our Honeymoon, he, he... (that was my friends said to me)
How is the weather right now? sunny day
What did you do last night? having a lot of rest
Who is the person you talk to the most on the phone? My husband
How are you today? I am fine
Do you wear contacts? Nope
Do you have siblings? If yes, how many? Yes, three.
What’s the best advice that’s been given to you? Your future is what you do right now (advice from my aunt), Be kind to everybody in USA because you are so far from your family (advice from my father).
How do you see yourself in 5 years from now? An Indonesian who has several pulished books in USA
What are your goals right now? finishing my homework for the next project and write a book soon.
Who are the funniest people you know? MU
Are you too shy to ask someone out? No.
If you could change your name what would it be? I don't want to change. I like my name "FIDA"
Worst sickness you ever had? Flu
What is your first daughter’s name going to be? Ariel is her name.
What is your first son’s name going to be? I will discuss it to my husband someday but my daughter wants his name will be "OSCAR"
Do you like scary or happy movies better? Both
Lust or love? love
Hugs or kisses? both
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? nothing
Who is the fastest to respond to your tags? I don't know.....
Your Location? Pennsylvania
Do you care about the way you look? Of course!
Do you like to give advice? Yes
Are you a daydreamer? No
Are you an angel? My daughter, Frances ever said/wrote that to me. I was like an angle coming to their life. I was speechless!
Memory you would like to forget? many
Shampoo: I like trying a new shampoo
Toothpaste: many kinds.
Flower: Any beautiful flowers
Color: depends
Band: no band
Singer: let me think?...
Cartoon when you were a kid: Scooby Doo
Disney movie: Ariel, Little Mermaid, and Annie.
Last time you cried: watching a video titled 'My Redeemer Lives' (Please, turn off the volume of my playlist before you play this video below!)

Last time you laughed: yesterday
Last movie you saw at the theaters: Pirate of Carribean
Last movie you rented: -
Last CD bought: I forget
Next CD to buy: No plan yet
Tomorrow’s Agenda: regular activities
Ironic thing: no idea
Favorite Actress: several from USA
Favorite Actor: several from USA
Favorite male singer: several from USA
Favorite Female Singer: Sandi Patty
Worst song right now: -
Song with the most meaning: You are My Sunshine (My husband gave that song to me as he mentioned me as his Sunshine)
Longest Relationship: until now? My Husband
Best Relationship: My second fiance (My husband right now)
Worst Relationship: the first fiance
Person who makes you smile: My little daughter.
Person who makes you wanna puke: nobody
Person you admire: no one
Favorite person at work: Me, he, he...
Crush: -
If you could meet one person dead or alive: My Mother (passed away when I was 3 years old), my family, relatives, and friends in Indonesia (alive persons)

ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (for girls only)

Boxers or briefs: no idea
Tall or short: Not tall and not short
Six pack or muscular arms: -
Good or bad guy: good one
Tan or fair: fair
Stubble or neatly shaved: neatly shaved
Rugged or sporty: sporty
Studly or cutie: Studly
Shy or outgoing: outgoing

Then I would like to forward this tag to Mariuca


The Second Tag is from Mariuca:

Are you pregnant? NOPE!
When do you want to get married? I got married on Oct-05-2002
Do you curse a lot? NOPE!
What are your favorite books? Many
Do you wish you were with someone right now? NOPE!
Who were the last three people that sent you a text message? 2 Friends were from Indonesia, Eko Yossey and Nila, the 3rd person was Ruth Abbott
Are you happier single or in a relationship? You know its answer, right?
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yes
Do you wish someone would call you? Not right now.
What is bugging you right now? The Editors or The Citizen Reporters who always complain something that they should not.
What's something you wish you could understand better? HTML
If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because...? They are jealous with me.
Do you have a wild side? Oh yes, my desires to do many things I haven't done yet.
Kissed someone in the last twenty four hours? My Hubby and My little daughter
Have you lost friends in the past year? In this year, couple months ago my friend passed away because of pregnancy cancer.
What were you doing at midnight last night? Spending time with my hubby and my children.

Add your blog to the end of the list!

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Then I would like to forward this tag to Devita

What am I doing right now?
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I am still tired from last Sunday, having vacation to Hershey Park. I'm sure I'll be fine in the next several days.
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Inez 3:12 PM  

I'm far away from home too. Great answers on the tag! If you want more tags, you can find some here: This way, you can keep tagging people (haha!)

Mariuca 4:57 AM  

OMG Fida!!! So many questions ha ha ha!!! Thanks sweetie!

Hey it looks like we got married in the same year, cool! I've added u to my list at MPG already, hope u had fun with the tag! :):):)

Fida Abbott 9:48 AM  

Hi Inez, Glad to know you here.
Have great day!

Hi Mariuca, thank you. I hope you have fun too doing a tag I gave to you.

Have nice day!

~~Devita~~ 10:55 AM  

hehehe... i forget to tell you sis that i have done this yesterday:D

Mariuca 10:33 AM  

Hola Fida! I have a very special award for you, congrats!


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