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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Helping My Children Develop Their Talents

How do I help my children to develop their talents? I have written about this title at and it has been on the 2nd top ranked in many months.

I have a little daughter. She is 4 and a half years now. Because I like listening the music and my hobby is singing, I introduced both of them to her since she was a baby. When she was able to sit, I put her on my laps and I searched the Christian kid songs to her. How was her reaction? When she heard the music, she started to move her legs to follow the rhythm. Seeing her like that, I realized that she liked music too. From that time, I and my husband always picked the great music to her and stimulated her to dance. On her age right now, she ever told me that she wanted to be a Ballerina like Angelina Ballerina.

When I got my first salary at my first job in USA two years ago (I just moved to USA six years ago), I dedicated some of my money to buy a ballet dancer costume for her. The costume came with a pair of shoes. They looked so beautiful. At that time she was around 2 years and a half old. She was so happy and after that, almost everyday she worn it and danced every time she heard her favorite songs either from her favorite shows, like Angelina Ballerina or from the CDs.

Couple weeks ago she asked me to bring her to the Ballet Class someday. I thought I would bring her there after she was in the Kindergarten.

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My 18 months old daughter (2006) was trying to dance on her car seat while my husband played the music for her

My oldest daughter was teaching ballet dancing to my youngest daughter (she was around 18 months old).

When she was 4 years old

We also saw her talents in building the blocks, Lego and other kinds of that. Since after her first Birthday, we tried to stimulate her with many ways to see her interest, like giving her drawing papers and crayons, singing, games and educational programs on the internet. When she was 2 years old, my husband had introduced her a learning game. Since at that time we saw her curiosity to know more about the answers of the game she was learning.

On her age right now, we have collected tens of her great drawings and colorings, the records of her singing, the videos of her dancing and many collection of the learning games either from the free kids websites and kid's game softwares. I also took the pictures of them and attached them on her Blog that I created 1 year ago. These ways really gave her great confidence to practice and practice, more and more. Even her teacher at her Pre-K class told me that she was a different child, intelligent, talented and brave. She loved her so much. I was very glad to know it. The efforts which we did to her was very usefull to help her developing her talents.

She was amazed when I told her that I and my husband had stimulated her since she was a baby to see what the objects/activities she was interested in. We thank God every ways we did has worked very well and we would keep going ahead to give her the best way as much as we can in raising her through the quality life.

What am I doing right now?
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I'm glad. I've completed my goal last month even 110% in submitting my stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul Book. I never guessed it before.

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~~Devita~~ 11:01 PM  

See.... i've told you, she is really brilliant and smart little sweetie... :D:D:

I want my child to be that smart and brilliant too, one day after i get married.. :D:D:D

have a great day sister!!

Gratcia 7:10 AM  

She is so precious and she has a beautiful voice! You must be very proud of her. (^_^)

Fida Abbott 9:23 AM  

Hello Devita,

I am glad, you come back again at blogosphere. How have you been??
Yes, thank you for the compliment. I am sure you children will be smart like their Mom.

Fida Abbott 9:24 AM  

Hello Gratcia,

Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am so proud of her. She is a great gift from HIM in our marriage life.

Hi, I love your beautiful photo.

Have nice day.


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