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Monday, August 04, 2008

Choosing A Right Publishing Company for My 1st Book

What do you think if I tell you I am going to write my first book and it would be published in USA??? I am pretty sure, the respons would be different. Maybe you will have a doubt, maybe you will smile, maybe you will say, "I am not sure it will happen," or "You have too high dream," etc. Every expression as a respon, I think it is normal when you see I never write a book before. When I told my husband that I would like to write a book, telling my whole plannings plus the title of my first book would be, he said, "That would be great, Honey!" He is the one of the person who always gives me great support and this is so important to me. I asked him to be my private Editor to help my writing done before I send to a publishing company. Both of us would be a great Team to make my first book realized.

So, what I am going to do next?
First of all, before I start to write my book, I have searched many publsihing companies in USA. I read the whole things about each of them. I knew it took a lot of time, but I wanted to be sure I have found a right one before I write. This would help me to give a great support that I have known already where the place I would bring my manuscripts to after everything is completed.

Thanks God, my effort wasn't useless. I have found it already but for right now, I am sorry I would not share this here before my first book is released. Although I would not share its name, but I still would like to share what the reasons I choose them.

Why I Choose This 'A' Publishing Company???

Because It is a Christian based, family owned, main-line publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors. They combine unknown authors undiscovered potential with their unique approach to publishing, and provide me with the highest quality book with the most inclusive benefits package available.

Ohter benefits: They offer the very best opportunity for first-time authors in the industry today.

First, my book will be unique. From the editing to graphic design of my print book and eBook to the voicing and conception of my audiobook, I will be involved in the process of creating a variety of products that I will be proud of—multiple products that will allow me to truly penetrate the market in a variety of ways.

Second, their marketing team will partner with me to sell my book through nationwide distribution and work hand in hand with Key Marketing Group to publicize both the release of my book and the book signings and appearances they schedule for me. Finally, I will be assigned a personal marketing representative that will provide unending customer support, they will help me market my book for as long as I desire to pursue the endeavor!

In addition, this publishing company is not a POD, vanity or self-publisher. That I was looking for and as a main condition I would choose. They are very selective with the titles they choose. The larger self-publishers in the industry average over 46,000 authors per company. As of 2008, this publsihing company boasts an author pool of just 1,028, yet their sales numbers and average sales volumes are much greater. Their selectivity makes it possible for them to provide their authors with a level of market penetration that is second to none because of the quality of their product. They have the best reputation in the industry for quality and service and are looking forward to speaking with me about my work.

Other interesting things I have learned about this publishing company: Every one of their authors are involved in the production process of their book. This is very important to me. They want my input and feedback on things like the cover design and the editing process, and I will have direct access to the people working hard to make my book a reality.

Their marketing staff strives everyday to give their authors' books the attention they deserve. They work hard and partner with every author to set up book signing events, media coverage and book reviews.

Beside releasing my book as a traditional paper book, they will also release it as an audio book, audio book download (from partners like and Apple's iTunes Store) and eBook. They will give my book the best chance for success by simultaneously releasing it in a variety of formats.

However, this publishing company is not a vanity press. They do not take on every project that is submitted. They are interested in the potential in every author. However, with the amount of resources that this publishing company pours into each project, they have to be selective with the works they choose. They want my book to be a success!

Will My Book be Available in Bookstores?

I have learned that this publsihing company distributes every title nationwide through Ingram/Spring Arbor, the world's largest book distributor. They place actual product into Ingram's warehouse, ensuring my work is available to all the major book outlets, both physical bookseller stores and online websites such as,, and
They don't just provide or ensure availability of their products to book stores. They actually stock product with stores and distributors. They use traditional methods of supplying vendors and accept returns 100% of the time. They have excelled and have shown over 218% growth the last four years in sales for the industry. They also has achieved great success with their product line because of their successful and talented authors, marketing staff and wonderful partnerships with every major book store, groups like Key Marketing Communications, and even niche markets like Starbucks, Java Dave's Coffee, FYE, and many more. These venues and partners provide wonderful opportunities for all of their authors and artists alike. These are I am looking for that the publishing company I choose, has professional marketing staff and strong distributions internationally.

In addition, they work with their authors outside the retail market and into the specific niche that is unique to my book. They target the precise audience for my work and assist me in getting my book into the hands of those who need it most!

Would I Send My First Book to Indonesia Publishing Company?

Yes, after my book is published successfully in USA. I also write it in Indoensian but right now I haven't searched yet about Indonesia publishing companies. If you have good recomendations, don't hesitate to give me the informations. Be free to write an email to me! I would love to learn about many Indonesia publishing companies beside I would search them someday one by one.

Right now, meanwhile I would start to write soon, I have made a front and back cover already. The front cover contents title and sub title. They would help me to focus my writing. The next step, I would write the contents without enclose the pages because I haven't written yet.

Other writing activities, I would still write to update my blogs, here and there sending the articles to Cross Written, active in KabarIndonesia, writing at Helium, and sending the articles to Chicken Soup for the Soul Books. Taking care of my family, house, my plants and working are also my priority. Every second time I have is very important to me. I never spend my time for nothing. I do nothing when I am taking a rest, a nap, and going to bed. Even when I am working, if I have an idea, I'll improve it in my mind. I am really hard worker person.

Can I handle those activities? Let the time speaks!!!! I just would like to complete my life with the talents HE has given to the best I can do and of course everything I bring them in HIS hands. I believe HE is lacing my life wonderfully as HE has done before to me. Amen!!

What am I doing right now?

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I am reading about book publishing. I have learned many things. Thanks to the Author.

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~~Devita~~ 9:59 PM  

yes sister, we made it :D

ouw, i thought that you've known it. i'm sorry for not telling you this news :D

have a great day!

~~Devita~~ 10:00 PM  

wow sister! you will make a book!! cool! go on!!

keep on fire!!

best regards from me.

Fida Abbott 8:52 AM  

Dear Devita,

I really appreciate of your great support. I would keep on fire!!!



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