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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Two last week, Mariuca had tagged me for an interesting topic 'The Age That I Wish To Go Back To!' I am sorry I haven't done so fast because of many things I had to do. But right now, I will post it as she had made the instructions:

Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

Before I begin writing for this topic, I would like to tag several friends to do the same thing like me. They are Devita, Jed, Vivie, Vina Revie, and Anita.


The Age That I Wish To Go Back To is 27. Why? My grandmother passed away in a private hospital which She supposed not be sent there. I lived with her and I had given a message to other family member if something happened with her, never sent her to that hospital. They didn't have the expert specialist Doctor who could handle her. They sent her there because that hospital was closer than the other Government Hospital. I understood but for me a life of someone was more important than the effort we made to reach that hospital location.

That night I went home so lately from my work because of a big project I handled. I was so surprised, there were several other family in the house. I asked them what was happened, and they said that they sent my grandmother to that private hospital in the afternoon. They said that she had headache so badly (She had hypertency). I was so dissappointed, they didn't listen to me. I felt at that time, there would be something happened on her.

The next several days I had a chance to visit her at the hospital, I was so shock, she couldn't open her eyes, and move her body. I asked to the nurse and the others, when she started having that condition. They answered, one day after she was sent there. (Hhhmmm, I wanted to cry but I could not).

I was so sad until she passed away, I didn't have a chance to talk again except I said 'bye-bye' when the last time I went to work then after that I never talked to her again. She was the one who loved me so much. She had taken care of me and my brother since we were baby. My mother passed away when I was 3 years old and my brother was 7 months old. I still remember well, everytime I went home, she was almost sitting in the corner of living room and watching the TV just waiting for me coming back from work. If I went home lately, she would lay down on the bed and waiting for me. (I am having tears when writing this. She was so precious in my life).

She wished that she would have the longer life to see me married and having children. Her wishes wasn't come true. I knew it our life was in the God's hand, and I believed what God permitted was the best eventhough it wasn't our expectation.

That was why God let me went home so lately so other family member could sent her to that private hospital (not good hospital for the kind of her complication diseases) so what God's plan in my life would be done. Because if I went home on time at that time, God knew that I would say "NO" to them not to sent her there.

Right now I have beautiful family with a very cute little daughter. I hanged her "Batik Cloth" in the frame in living room, presenting her always seeing my family all the time and everyday. I love her so much!!!!


The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:

Amidrin wishes to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wishes to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid's life.
L'abeille wishes to go back to any year but never return to age 28.
Sweetpea wishes to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17.
Jean Chia wishes to go back to 14 years old.
eastcoastlife wishes to go back to age 24 when she's in demand.
Emila wishes to go back to the age of 7 to live that precious moments again.
Rizal wishes to go back to the age of 7 - 7 super wonders of my world.
Mangosteenskin wishes to back to age 7 to chase back Macik Piut’s geese and dogs!
Mariuca wishes to go back to age 14 to forget her current sorrows.
Zubli Zainordin wishes to go back to age 14 too A Point In Time Almost Sinless Care Free Life!LadyJava wishes to go back to age 21 to say goodbye to her father and tell him, " I love you"
Farah wishes to go back to age 10 and be worry free
Shinade wishes to go back to age 21 and boogie all night along again.
Fida wishes to go back to age 27 to say 'no' to her family to bring her grandmother to the wrong hospital
Devita wishes not to go back to any other ages
June wishes not to go back to any other ages
Gratcia wishes to go back to age 9 to reveal the mysterious secret
Anita wishes to go back to the age of 18, and to be as free as bird, rather than stick to one man.


~~Devita~~ 11:13 AM  

Hi sis, I will do the tag after this. first of all, i want to share my joy to you, I win the competition sis!!! I am very happy!! :D:D:D Oh My God! I can't believe it's true. visit my blog and see what happens. I am really excited!



Fida Abbott 5:12 PM  

Congratulation Icha. Ikutan senang nih.

Mariuca 5:24 PM  

Hi Fida! Thanks for sharing your sad tale with us. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but she is in a better place now. I was close to my grandmother as well and your story made me think of her. :)

PS. You forgot to list yourself down with the list of ppl who have done this tag dearie. You can get the list at my blog! :)

Fida Abbott 5:45 PM  

Thank you Mariuca for your reminding.

Admin 10:59 PM  

Fida, this is so beautiful.. I am so moved by this entry, losing someone you hold dearly to your heart is NEVER easy, always a thought of IF ONLY I could do more, or if only things were different, but all in all I admire how you're reflecting your firm belief and faith that in all things God is working for the benefit of His loves ones (^_^) GREAT ENTRY< GREAT FAITH. Thank YOU for sharing this..

Fida Abbott 12:22 PM  

Dear Admin,

Thank you for your appreciation. What a surprise thing I got a special comment from you.

Have great day and GBU!

~~Devita~~ 1:22 AM  

Hi sister! mission accomplished :D:D have a great day! :D

Mariuca 2:42 PM  

Hi Fida, I've added u to my list. Thanks again for taking part! :)

Anonymous 8:26 AM  

Greetings (^_^)
Just passing bye to say, that i'm one of the TAG victim, bye Gratcia Siahaya; the age that i wish i to go back to

I enjoy reading your post btw (^^,)

See me here
1984, 2 years old little rebel



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