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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Worldwide Vigil for Humanity, the 10th Commemoration of May 1998 Tragedy of Humanity in Indonesia

In Indonesian version, I had written an article about this topic as I was one of many witnesses of that tragedy that was also happened in Surabaya, my city at (39th)


In May 1998, Jakarta the capital of Indonesia was an ocean of inferno. There were 1,339 deaths and 92 females of Chinese ethnicity were sexually assaulted and raped due to an organized political scenario, which have not been thoroughly investigated. Where were you when such terrible and inhumane occurrences happened? Do you remember them now? What have the world and Indonesian government done to bring justice? Let's prevent such things to happen again in the future.

Name of Activity

We call this activity of commemorating the 10th year of May 1998 Tragedy of Humanity as “Worldwide Vigil for Humanity.”


This Worldwide Vigil for Humanity has three objectives:

First, to urge the government of the Republic of Indonesia to fully investigate the May 1998 Tragedy of Humanity and to bring the perpetrators to justice without any exception or reservation.

Second, to urge the government of the Republic of Indonesia to enforce the laws and bring to justice individual(s) and/or group(s) that exploit ethnicity, religion, race, and culture toward victims of violence and discrimination.

Third, to invite all citizens of Indonesia and citizens of the world in establishing new Indonesia without violence and discrimination.

Executor and Originator

The people behind this activity or executors are those individuals and organizations that support the goals of this action and sign the petition “Toward New Indonesia without Violence and Discrimination” as set forth on (

The originator of this activity is Overseas Think Tank for Indonesia (OTTI) (, an informal study group focusing on Indonesia issues from the perspective of activist-scholar of humanity based in California, the United States.

Scope, Timeframe, and Place of Activities

The scope, timeframe, and place of activities of Worldwide Vigil for Humanity comprise of signing the petition and becoming the doers or executors for the activity, disseminating information on activities, conducting the worldwide vigil of humanity followed by oration, conducting seminar or discussion, and delivering the petition.

First, we urge you to support and become a part of this human rights activism by joining the “Toward New Indonesia without Violence and Discrimination” petition, which can be done through Peaceful Indonesia Web Site by clicking “Sign the Petition” ( between March 24 to May 1, 2008.

Second, we urge you to install Worldwide Vigil of 10 Years for Humanity Tragedy in May 1998 banner on your blog or web site. You will be able to download the banners of your choices by clicking “Banners” ( on Peaceful Indonesia web site.

Third, we urge you to send in plans and execution of activities in commemorating 10 years of May 1998 Humanity Tragedy in forms of text/article, graphic and or video/film to Peaceful Indonesia web site with attention to peacefulindonesia[at]

Fourth, we urge you to conduct Worldwide Vigil for Humanity by enunciating the “Toward New Indonesia without Violence and Discrimination” petition (as attached) followed by oration between May 13-15, 2008 worldwide or at wherever you conduct your activity.

Fifth, we urge you to conduct seminar or discussion on “Toward New Indonesia without Violence and Discrimination” in May 1998.

Sixth, we will deliver the petition to the President of Republic of Indonesia and carbon copy it to all institutions, organizations and individuals related to May 1998 Humanity Tragedy in Indonesia and overseas by May 10, 2008.

We invite and urge you as concerned citizens of the world to act individually or within groups or organizations, which is symbolized by signing “Toward New Indonesia without Violence and Discrimination” petition.


We hope that all concerned citizens of Indonesia and citizens of the world, who are moved heartily and mindfully to urge the government of the Republic of Indonesia to thoroughly investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, include May 1998 Humanity Tragedy and to re-create a new Indonesia without violence and discrimination.

We urge all concerned citizens of Indonesia and citizens of the world to visit ( and sign the petition page.

For further information, please contact Mutiara Andalas, SJ and Dr. Beni Bevly at peacefulindonesia[at]

Faithfully yours,

Mutiara Andalas, SJ & Dr. Beni Bevly
Overseas Think Tank for Indonesia
Berkeley, Friday, Maret 14th, 2008


Hercules Mulligan 10:42 AM  

Hello Fida.

I received the kind comment you left on my blog Herculean Reflections. Thanks.

Thank you also for inviting me to come here and read this good post. I signed the petition. I hear much about the troubles that Indonesia experiences, particularly because I subscribe to the newsletter of The Voice of the Martyrs (their website is:, which is a Christian international ministry that helps people in Indonesia and other countries.

I hope that this petition, and the efforts of Peaceful Indonesia, are very effective in helping the people of Indonesia. They are in my daily prayers.

God bless you.

TASH 6:16 PM  

Mba Fida,
I filled up the petition ...justice will prevail for sure.

Fida Abbott 11:03 AM  

For Tash and Hercules,
Thank you and great thank to both of you.

For Hercules, I will visit that website. It looks interesting. Thank you for your info.

GBU All!!!

Mariuca 9:52 PM  

Hola Fida, I have a tag for you at my blog. Drop by later yeah? have a great day! :)

Ecko 5:32 AM  

That's a real tragedy that we wish would never happen anymore. Anyway, I ask you to write an article for my blog during my "Guest Blogging Month" campaign in April. You could freely write on any topic you like to, but I will be more happily if the topic is related to online earning, blogging or any other motivational articles. Hoping your respond soon and thanks a lot in advance.


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