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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two More Awards I got

This morning when I checked my other email account at yahoo, I got very big surprised. Two emails informed me that I got the awards.

First award was from Gratcia as it can be seen below:

The Medal of Awesomeness

Second award was from Anonymous as can be seen below:

The Insightful Blog Award

Awarded to Fida Abbott

I really didn't know who gave me the second award, so just let me say great thanks to a person who had given it to me. Special to Gratcia, I would like to thank you for your greatful appreciation. I would show it with my honour.


~~Devita~~ 11:08 AM  

wow! nice tag! congratulations! :D

Fida Abbott 11:39 AM  

Thank you Icha. Glad to see you visiting my Blog regulary.

Warm Regards from PA

Gratcia 10:54 AM  

Fida... (((hugssss))) Thanks for posting it...I am so glad you like it, actually the awesomeness is for you as a person and the insightful ones is for this blog, which has given me so much thru your posting (HELIUM and Kabar Kita, writing articles, and a peek to your family's life, it's so refreshing and wonderful)

Been thinking what to give you, been trying to make my own logo, but I failed :( So..these are the best I can come up with (for now).

GBU and keep on being awesome and keep on writing insightful entries..

Love in Christ.

Gratcia 10:56 AM  

ow and PS: udah dari tadi mau masuk ke blog ini tapi my connection is so slow ga bisa kebuka-buka site-nya, untung skarang langsung bisa.

Have a GREAT day Mrs.Abbott!

Mariuca 4:07 AM  

Hola Fida! Congrats on ur awards! And I hope u have a happy weekend! :)

Fida Abbott 8:19 AM  

Dear Gratcia,

I don't have any words to say about your compliments. My heart says something that can not be said through my mouth.


Dear Mariuca,
Thank you, you have very nice weekend.


Hercules Mulligan 4:50 PM  

Congratulations, Fida! Very nice awards!

God bless you.

~Hercules Mulligan

Fida Abbott 7:17 AM  

Hi Hercules,

Glad to see you visiting here.
Thank you.

Have great day!!

Hercules Mulligan 11:15 AM  

Hi Fida! Thanks for visiting my Ron Paul blog. It is so nice to get comments from my readers, and especially from you.

Yes, it is rainy here in Upstate New York, too. This means I get to take a temporary break from the spring yard work in the hot sun (it has been hot lately). It is cold and rainy, and although I do not need to water my plants either, nevertheless, I must confess that I miss the sunshine.

But this is the kind of weather to expect in April, I suppose. I am so excited that spring and sunshine will again arrive soon!

God bless you.

~H. M.

kakahelmy 11:53 AM  

Blognya bagus banget, pantes kalo dapet penghargaan. Selamat ya mbak. Keep on blogging :)

Fida Abbott 10:37 PM  

Terima kasih Kakahelmy,

Welcome at my My Blog and enjoy it!!


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