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Monday, April 28, 2008

My Writings at in the Third Week, April 2008

There are 5 articles and 4 poetries:
* April 14th, Dari Tukang Ledeng ke GM Customer Satisfaction dan Public Relation (From Skilled Workman to General Manager of Satisfaction & Public Relation) (a.47)

* April 15th, Jam Dinding (Wall Clock) (p.32), Saat Merindukanmu (When I Miss You) (p.33)

* April 17th, Antara Harapan dan Kenyataan (I) (Between Hope & Reality, I) (a.48), Karya Ciptaan-Nya (His Creation) (p.34)

* April 18th, Antara Harapan dan Kenyataan (II) (Between Hope & Reality, II) (a.49)

* April 19th, Sejenak Bersama FA di PA (I) (Several Minutes with FA in PA, 1st) (a.50) , Duri dalam Dada (Thorn in Chest) (p.35), Sejenak Bersama FA di PA (ke-2) (Several Minutes with FA in PA, 2nd) (a.51)


~~Devita~~ 10:00 PM  

Sis, i have a dream last night.In my dream, you wrote many books and you are a famous writer.. Is that a vision or you really are a writer now?
curious to know the meaning of my dream :D:D

Fida Abbott 7:15 AM  

Oh Gosh!!!
You dreamed about me??? How could it be???? This is very strange!!! I think HE was speaking to you and me!!!

Thank you for your information!!!

Your Sister!

~~Devita~~ 11:27 AM  

:D you're welcome sis. I also do not know why i dreamed about you last night, but i really dreamed about you :D. that is why when i woke up, i went to my computer and told you.wakakkakak... feeling curious..wakakkak


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