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Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Top Five Beauty Products

I still remember when I was still in Senior High School, my face was full with many small red pimples. When I saw the photographs of mine at that time, I felt sorry for myself. Nobody in my family gave me the advices as its solution because they thought it was normal for the teenager at that age having that face problem.

When I was a college student and lived at a small room in a boarding house, the owner came and talked to me. She just wanted to let me know that she concerned about my face. She said that I was a beautiful girl and looked different with other girls who lived at that boarding house but she felt sorry why I didn't take care of my face. Then she recommended me to clean my face with the cleanser and toner. "Just give them a try, because everybody do the same thing here. They always clean their face everyday with those stuffs," she advised me. I felt something hit my heart with her simple advice. I thought she was right. From that time I tried so hard to being discipline to clean my face at least once per day with those products, cleanser and toner.

Through my patience, finally what she and I expected was came true. Just couple months, my face turned so clean without many red pimples everywhere on my face. My old friends didn't believe me if I never used a special face medicine to rid off my pimples. I told them honestly, I just used the cleanser and toner every time I came home from everywhere, especially before I went to bed.

Since that time after I knew and experienced myself that how great those cleanser and toner had saved my face, I never left those products in my daily basic beauty products. So, let me write down below my top five beauty products that I should never leave them:

1. Cleanser and toner, I use everyday, at least once per day before going to sleep in the night. In the morning I just clean my face with special face soap.

2. Moisturizer. This is a must especially I live in Southeast. The weather can decrease the quality of my skin face if I don't use this product. The wrinkles will appear easily. That is why, I always use this product after cleansing and toning my face and before applying face powder.

3. Face powder. I used to apply foundation before I use face powder just for special events.

4. Lipstick is a must for me every time I go out. This stuff can promote my face brighter and look sweeter. I also use lip balm everyday in the house to keep my lipstick skin moisturized.

5. Eye cream is also a must for me especially when your age turns 30's. This eye cream I use every night before going to bed after I clean my face with the cleanser and toner. This eye cream will help reduce the wrinkles around the eyes.

I am sure with those my top five beauty products, they can keep me confidence in every performance I make and they have been already.


Mariuca 8:46 PM  

Hola Fida! I feel terrible that I'm not a regular eye-cream user! Must start using it now! ;)

Fida Abbott 7:31 AM  

You have to, he,he...

Thanks for visiting my Blog again and have great weekend.

Regards from PA


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