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Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to Do if I Win The Lottery???

It had been many months I wasn't active to write here because of how busy I was. After I read an interesting posting from my friend, Jennie S. Bev about Writing Life. This posting inspired me to be more wise in deviding my tight time to do little bit everyday to write. Thanks, Jen!!

Then I remember where the place I used to go to write something interesting, Helium! I found an interesting channel in Personal Finance with its title: What to Do if You Win The Lottery???

Wow!!! That was really cool topic! I started to write although the clock on my computer had showed around 4 p.m. (the time to go to nap!!)
Voila!!! Here is a link where you can read what I thought. I was so convidence at that time to write this topic......and I was so surprised this morning when around 8 a.m. I went there and checked what the rank number I had been ranked number 4 from 26 articles!! Yuhui!!! Around 3 hours later, I checked it again and what glad I was, I was ranked third!!!!

Oh Gosh!!! Can I beat the second and the first articles?? I will see it again tomorrow morning!!!



Lord, remind me that when I give to others, I am really giving to You. Help me to share all that You have given me; my money, my possession, my time, my talents, my love-with those who are in need. Amen!!


Jennie S. Bev 2:42 PM  

Congrats, Fida, I'm always proud of you. Keep being busy and keep smiling.

Fida Abbott 9:34 AM  

Thank you Jennie,

I have checked this morning (2nd day), I am in the second ranked!!!

Can I beat the first ranked article?? I will see it again tomorrow!!!

Thank you for your appreciation to me.

emanrais 10:58 AM  

How about today Fida, have you checked it out? I wish you're the first ones. About the lottery. I never buy any, but every day along years I got some 2 or 3 shouts by email if I am winning a sum of USD millions. Since I think that is impossible for me being so lucky person with so many splendid prizes, then I checked them out as spam. One of them was from the US Immigration in Bangkok. How do you think about that, it so funny aren't they? Thanks for sharing.

Fida Abbott 5:37 PM  

Hi AA,
Well, I never buy any power ball numbers or other similar lottery stuff. I was just interested to write about that topic.

Have great day,
Fida in PA

Fida Abbott 5:37 PM  
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