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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dear Mrs. Mecomber


Thank you for your regular visit to my Blog. I hadn't been able to update regularly my blog because I had flu and my internet didn't work properly. I feel better now and several days ago my internet had been fixed already.

Although I couldn't go online regularly but I had a chance to check my Blog sometimes and I was glad reading your comment in my last post that you were interested to read a post about why and how I came to USA. I love to answer it in this posting.

I never had a dream to come to USA like other Asians for living, working, studying or the others. There were several reasons why I didn't want it but I still had a dream at that time that someday I could go to vacation (at least) to Singapore and/or Australia because those countries are near to Indonesia. But the time spoke differently. GOD brought me to meet a handsome and very nice American man through HIS AMAZING WAY that I wasn't interested at all for the first time with him. He stole my freezing heart!!! Finally we fell in love and we built a serious relationship and brought it in our marriage on October 5th, 2002 in Secane, PA.

It wasn't easy for me to leave everything I had before (my family, my friends, etc) but I felt and believed if my life journey was in GOD'S HAND, and HE gave him as my soulmate, I believed whereever and whenever I went to live with him, HE WOULD BLESS ME!!!! That simple sentence had been in my heart permanently so I had no little a doubt at all to leave everything from my country and started a new life with my soulmate. I knew that a life was never perfect, but through it, and let HIM works on HIS WAY in our marriage life, both of us could be a blessing to each other and to the others, so everybody could rejoice HIM.

It sounds so religious what I have mentioned above, but they are the real things I have told you. I am really very glad to write this because I believe, everything that I mentione above can bring something (blessing) to everybody who has read it.


Your Blogger Friend,
Mrs. Abbott

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Mrs Mecomber 7:00 PM  

Fida, I am overwhelmed and so happy by your affection and open heart. You are such a wonderful woman! Your husband must love you to bits!

I loved reading your story. It is truly amazing how God works everything out, isn't it? I know just what you mean, because God works wonders in my life, too!!

You must miss your country and all your friends and family. But I pray that God keeps blessing you in Pennsylvania with everything you need. What am incredible story! I am glad you came to America, but it is for a selfish reason-- we Americans need people like who, who allow God to touch their hearts, and come to this country and shine your light here.

Enjoy your family and God bless you all. And stay warm! :)

Mrs. M

JenLo 9:09 PM  

I saw your blog from Mrs. Mecomber! I love looking around your blog and your Thanksgiving pictures looked so great!

Fida Abbott 11:19 PM  

Dear Mrs. Mecomber,

I am so blessed to know you. You are a such great person in God. I can see it from the words you wrote,

Thank you for your attention and interest.

I really appreciate it.

I will stay warm with my lovely family here in PA


Fida Abbott 11:11 AM  

Hi Jenlo,

Thank you so much for your visit. I am glad you enjoy looking around my blog. It means that it is worth enough to me in building this blog so hardly step by step.



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