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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quotes of The Day

Yesterday, when I came to work, I was so surprised. The Lunch Room looked so neat and clean with new painting, new room arrangment and beauty look. I stared around and was stop on 2 small frames. There were something was interesting me. I read 2 very nice quotes. Here what I had read :

HOME is always where your heart finds LOVE

LOVE is the brightest and most beautiful flower in life's garden


Jennie S. Bev 4:27 PM  

Mbak Fida, I love your blog so much, always refreshes me after a long long day. Much love to you and yours.


Fida Abbott 7:52 AM  

Mbak Jenn, thanks so much for your compliment. I am glad you always feel refresh after your long long day.

Your Rockin' Girl Blogger

Vina Revi 1:03 AM  

ehk, akhirnya ketemu juga dengan sesama Rockin' Girl Blogger versi Jennie. huhuhu ... :)

luv ur writing, Fid!

Fida Abbott 7:15 AM  

Hi Vina!!!
Wah seneng juga nih diampiri ama Rockin' Girl Blogger yg lain versi JSB.

Thanks for your compliment.


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