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Sunday, July 08, 2007

How To Be The Perfect Wife ?

How to be the perfect wife?, it seems same with this sentence : How to be the perfect person. We have known already that there are nobody perfect in the world, so I may say also that there are no perfect wife in the world. But it doesn't mean we may not try to become a perfect wife, it means becoming a good wife.

Just be yourself and never try to change to be other person/woman as our husband likes. Every person is unique, so if our husband has married us, beside because of love, there are something or several things that he likes from us. Maintain the good things that we have, make it better something that it really needs to be better.

Love our husband with whole of our heart. I think everybody can feel that they are loved or not. With this love, it can bring our house as a palace to him and our family.

A Wife who is fear in God, she will be a jewel for her husband. She will be more worthy than any treasure he has.

Some other tips maybe can help :

Be Honest : it can make our husband a happiest man in the world because he has someone who can be trusted in. He also won't have a doubt to tell his secret things to us.

Be Creative in everything : it can make our marriage life never get bored.

Be Supportive : it can help him confident when he is down.

Be a good listener : it can make him always come to us first telling everything that he needs to share about.

Be Happy : it can make him feeling like a success husband who can make his wife a happiest wife in the world.

You may add more 'be' on the list above as long as they are good to build a good relationship in our marriage life. Remember, everybody is different, it means we may add more 'be' on the list above depending on our husband characters.

Maybe I can add one more according my experience. Make him so proud of you !. I always cook good food even always try the new recipes when I have a chance. He loves my cooking and he is so proud of me. He is never shy to promote me to his friends how good I am in cooking and he likes to invite his friends to have dinner with us at our house and enjoying my cooking.

Remember there are nobody perfect, so don't ever try to be a perfect wife. Be a good wife!!. Trust me, our husband will state that he is a happiest husband in the world.

Good luck !


Jennie S. Bev 5:29 PM  

Two thumbs up for this article. You rock.

Fida Abbott 9:45 AM  

Jenn, Thanks for your compliment. I think this is the best article I ever wrote although it is just short article.

Once again thank you for your visit, comment & compliment.

Your Rockin' Girl Blogger (ha,ha!!)


I guess your husband must be very happy and proud having a good wife like u! Lam kenal ya Mbak ..suatu hari aku jadi istri, kudu berguru ke Mba Fida;) Send my regard to ur lovely husband

Fida Abbott 7:52 AM  

Halo Mabk Ira, salam kenal juga dari saya. Jangan khawatir pokoknya gratis, tis, tis deh utk berguru ke saya. Ditunggu ya kabar baiknya.

Salam dr USA

Anonymous 9:57 AM  



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